Hey I got $10,000+ worth of cameras and lenses, but check out my phone camera pictures!


Oh Marky Mark. Rest assured he will be posted about frequently here on “Kuwait Blogs Suck!” but let’s focus on the issue at hand.

You see Mark from 248am professes himself to have a photography hobby (as do 99% of all Kuwait bloggers) and profuseley posts about all the camera gear he buys (or sometimes gets for free):





So you’d think he would post amazing photos with all these cameras he “loves” while he’s on vacation. Nope. He instead posts a link to all the instagram photos he’s taking with his crummy iPhone camera.

Mark from 248am has $10,000+ worth of camera gear and most of the photos he shares are from a phone camera.

Really? REALLY? Why did he buy all these cameras just to end up mostly posting using his small sensor iPhone camera with shitty filters on them.

Let’s check out the photos he’s sharing with people on instagram shall we?

Wow…. so…. interesting?!

I don’t know what else could capture the essence of Lebanon more than this photo.

I’ve never wanted to cry so much than when I first saw this photo. So good.

Yeah… right. Mark gets $$$ from all the people who clicks his ads to write reviews and brag on his $3000 cameras and ends up posting photos on his blog using his camera phone.




  1. crazyinkuwait.blogspot.com

    Hmmmm… I don’t see anyone offering you free seats in first class and sending you all over to test their products. Maybe when you grow up you can be like Mark, until then let’s go change your diaper, it’s nap time. (Gives you a warm bottle of milk) hehehehe…;…

  2. Herro

    I just found this blog and I absolutely love it. Aside from the nitpicking on grammar, everything is on point. I especially hate the blogger you mention in this point, to the degree that I will never mention his name so he doesn’t get more attention that he deserves. All other bloggers can’t see through his deceitfulness, which is a shame.

    Please keep up the good work, and don’t let the haters hate on your hate.

  3. BuYousef

    I actually like the last photo 🙂
    There is something about the art of keeping it simple and using basic cameras (not so basic in today’s phones) to capture a nice image.

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