When there’s more text in your ads than in the posts you make…

…I let out a haughty little laugh.

Case in point: http://www.p0ach.com/

Here’s a zoomed out screenshot of his 3 year old designed designed website (3 year old as in the age of the person who designed it): http://imgur.com/a/iDYNB

I literally had to zoom out to show you the amount of ads on his site because I couldn’t fit it on one page… and I still didn’t get them all in 2 screenshots.

I counted how many ads he has on his site… 24. Well actually it’s 25 but one of them is “reserved” for whoever wants to shell out 100kd a month to pay to this guy who’s blog consists of 90% aggregated content.

I’m sure he reaaallly cares about the stuff he posts and NOT about making money… hah.

Notice all the original content he posted on the left side? Oh… oh wait. There isn’t much now is there? Most of it is copy pasted from the youtube videos he’s posting or copy pasted press releases. What text he actually come up with is minimized to a sentence or two. In fact there’s more text in the ads than the original content that he posted.

Nice ad page… **cough cough** I mean “blog.”



  1. TheyReallyDoSuck

    About fucking time someone points out at this unicorn infested blog which is becoming more of gay verson of ilsul6ana.

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