Crazyinkuwait’s Absolute Stupidity and Culturally Insensitive Selfishness


Oh what a good laugh. Check this comedian called crazyinkuwait out. She woke up one day to find that some people were going to slaughter a cow in front of her apartment building so she threw a fit about it and demanded the cow not be slaughtered. She even caused the cow suffering because just to shut up crazyinkuwait they hauled the cow into a truck which took more than 5 minutes and multiple attempts. She even filmed the whole ordeal but left out the audio because she’s a pansy and doesn’t want people to hear her voice.

I didn’t see a single thing that would count as “animal cruelty.” The cow looked like it was laying down and it looked like the people who we’re going to slaughter the cow we’re going to do it the halal way; by slicing it’s neck which would kill it instantly without any pain.

Ah, but crazyinkuwait explicitly says:

This is definitely not the halal way of killing an animal and they should be ashamed and punished for what they did. -crazyinkuwait

Well that’s certainly one way of proving you have no idea what halal is. Nothing under halal laws state anything about the location, which is why you got “upset” and selfishly wanted them to move the cow somewhere else in the first place. Admit it. You don’t know what halal means.

Since you don’t I’ll help you out. Halal is the action or way you prepare meat. There are no laws under halal that state an animal has to be slaughtered in a specified location. Do some reading and research crazyinkuwait. You know? Intelligence? Ever heard of it?

She even mentions to the people who wanted to kill the cow:

I told them in Arabic to take it somewhere else and kill it not in front of kids. -crazyinkuwait

First of all, beautiful grammar skills you got there kiddo, second, not in front of kids? Couldn’t you have asked your kids to go up to apartment flat and stay in their room or something? Have you tried telling them to look away? How exactly do you think meat ends up on your table lady?

In fact, if I had kids I would call them to watch so they can learn how an animal is slaughtered. It would be educational.

And then you say that they should be ashamed and punished for what they did? Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. If anything you should be the one “punished.” You obstructed their free right under Kuwait and Islamic law to slaughter an animal.

The only thing you accomplished is exerting your selfishness and showing how culturally insensitive you are. The only time the animal seemed like it was under any harm or distress is when the people we’re trying to load it into the truck which YOU made them do.

Good job keeping classy crazyinkuwait.



  1. areejbeneisa

    Hey Missy…or Mr. 😉 Two errors here- “She woke up one day to find that some people we’re going to slaughter a cow in front of her apartment building so she made a fit about it and demanded the cow not be slaughtered.” 1. It’s WERE, not We’re. And someone doesn’t ‘make a fit’, they THROW a fit. That’s the proper slang. English major here too….and almost twice your age 😉

  2. CIK

    Hey thanks for giving me “face” as you people call it here. Glad to know I’m on your mind and that my blog bothers you which is what I love to do. I will even link you to my blog because I like to see someone who isn’t scared to speak their mind. When I find myself really bored I decide to take a look at some of the local blogs and I can’t help but think wtf? By the way I don’t give a rat’s ass about the cow, I didn’t want them to make a bloody mess where we park our cars. It’s Kuwait, nothing to do but cause some drama and freak out people. I’m looking forward to your thoughts! CIK

    • UK93

      Why did you post ‘Animal cruelty in Kuwait 2’ while you don’t even care about the animal ? Or is it just for the ‘attention’ and ‘views’ ?

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    I’m sorry, you’re right. You’re right and I am wrong. I just spent the last 2 hours crying my eyes out over the things I wrote. I have decided to remove my blog now and hope that you will continue on with your new blog, calling out all of us thinking we are better than others. Also, I drive too fast and litter too much. I will work on those things. Goodbye internets, I will miss you.

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  6. Connector

    KBS, for your information in the State of Kuwait it is “ILLEGAL” to kill and butcher an animal outside of a slaughter house!!! If you have any questions in this regard please call 139 to “LEARN” more about this issue. CIK is not wrong in what she posted, and besides it’s her blog so who are you to correct it! Maybe in your “country” you like for your kids to see blood and guts but as civilised people we prefer to have animals killed in an Islamic manner preferably at a slaughter house with a sharp knife which is required by Islam. P.S. CIK probably knows more about Islam than you think.

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