And The Truth Comes Out!

crazyinkuwait decided to straighten things out regarding her infamous cow slaughter post. She let me know in the comments under my post about the whole incident that she didn’t give a damn about animal cruelty or proper religious practices, which is exactly what I pointed out in my post about it, and just didn’t want the cow being slaughtered in front of her building.

By the way I don’t give a rat’s ass about the cow, I didn’t want them to make a bloody mess where we park our cars. -crazyinkuwait

Wooow…. wooooooooooow. Nice one. At least you came out with the truth. You just didn’t want yummy cow juice all over your car parking.

Cute! Selfish… but cute!



  1. Zaina Ammouneh (@Zee4Zaina)

    unfortunately, it’s a great concept but not so great of an execution.. It’s getting to be more of 5th grade whining than actual valid observations.
    You have a great idea on your hands, but there’s a thin line between being truthful/honest/observant and just being an anal brat.
    Just saying, keep the same class you preach about.

    You had me but now I’m losing interest


    Awww so sweet that I’m the headliner of your blog! You’re like one of those little kids you pat on the head. It’s cute the way you twist people’s words into something negative. OK, enough crying, now take your pacifier.

    • Wizurrr

      First off, you never “pat one of those little kids on the head” you will hurt them, if that’s what you were used to, then that explains a lot about you :D, it’s referred to as a “pat on the back”. Second, how is anyone twisting your words? they are right there for the entire world to see. You have been called out, you have two options, you can either come HARD! or go home. Simple and plain.

  3. BoDanah

    crazyinkuwait, you act like some savior for the animal kingdom, teaching people the way of ghandi and the guru sahib. Chill the fuck out for gods sake, you munch on burgers like the pig you are. In fact you remind me of the pigs in george orwell’s animal farm, you know the pigs that tell the other animals what is right and what is wrong and how each one should be treated, while they are the evil ones themselves sending the horse to the slaughter house, you are fooling no one but yourself.


    Munch on burgers WTF? Um, you are confusing me with Mark, I don’t like burgers. I know the difference between pat on the head and pat on the back you moron, English is not my second language. Now this can be cool but BoKhara if you want to start name calling we can take this to the street and dish it out. There’s a limit to free speech, once it gets derogatory it becomes personal. Man up! 010

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