I’m sitting here wondering what a conversation with 965malls would be like… (note: imagine 965malls has a viking accent)

Me: Hey 965malls you know flames in the background make your blog look silly right?

965malls: FLAMES!!!!!

Me: Uh… they make you, the blogger, look like they’re 5 years old, you know, the typical age when kids are into those silly flames like the one on the background of your website.

965malls: FLAMES!!!

Me: Well you know you barely ever start sentences with a capital letter right? Kind of also adds to the “you’re probably 5 years old” remark.


Me: And uh… the majority of your posts have nothing to do with malls even though your name is 965malls right?


Me: And you kno…

965malls: FLAMES!!!

Alright. I can’t look at that blog anymore. All I see are those vomit-inducing, graphic design freshman made flames.

Get some class 965malls. Buy some if you have to… really.



    • kuwaitblogssuck

      Emphasizing being cut off mid word/sentence.

      We all know you’re a bit slow crazyinkuwait. No need to continue proving it here on this blog. What’s the saying… ah… quit while you’re ahead. 😀

  1. Wizurrr

    Man oh man! That dude really got under you motherflippin’ skin didn’t he? lol. chill the fudge out “Bloggers” it’s not like the shit he/she is saying isn’t true. All this is spot on, otherwise you dumb fudge eaters wouldn’t be here trying to salvage your Blogs’ “reputation”, if you wanna call it that.

  2. BoDanah

    the blog should be called 965flames, because 965malls looks to me like a 19 year old with an orange American Eagle shirt, the cliched Guffil beard, oiled up hair and walking in the avenues phase 2 with a marlboro lights packet in his right hand. Change the name and save yourself the confusion!

    • 965malls

      nice analogy.. bodanah and thanks for the suggestion – as for the confusion, we don’t see it from our perspective – see, you dine at the mall, you socialize at the mall, you bank at the mall, you shop at the mall, your SPA is at the mall, you discover about technology at the mall, movies are at the mall, supermarkets are at the mall, your travel agent is at the mall, everything happens there… so why are you taking the name so literally?? for us when we meet someone in the mall and talk about it, it becomes relevant content, when someone is robbed at the mall and we rant about it, it becomes relevant content – if we talk about technology in general it becomes relevant content – as for the fire, it depends how you look at it, this region is not Alaska per se, is it relevant relevant now? thanks again for your suggestion.

  3. Omar

    You seem to be an english scholar laughing at others mistakes but look at the last line “Get some class 956malls. Buy some if you have to… really.”
    Are you sure its “956” and not “965”?

  4. darkwolf80

    HAHAHAHA!!! LMAO!!! OMG this is just too funny! Dude your blog is actually brilliant! An awesome idea! What you’re doing is like The Onion blog of Kuwait! XD The hypothetical conversation… MAN that’s hilarious!! Keep up the good work! 😀

    A good tip. Be like the Onion and be an actual comedian blogger. The last thing you need is for you to throw a bad joke that might actually hurt someone (especially reputation) cause it’s hard earned and people are just making a living. I totally see your blog as binging as big as RJW on youtube. But in a Kuwaiti style. 🙂

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