1. Wizurrr

    Definition of “Salad tossing”: the act of salad tossing is when a man (?) lick the the landing strip of another guy (landing strip is the area between your nut sack and your hodihooooo) then gradually head into the abyss of his “partner’s” A-hole. This is usually performed by buffed up queers. From the outside they look all manly and shit, but on the inside, they’re softer than a freshly baked brownie. LOL.

      • BoDanah

        wasnt there like a picture of him standing next to a short dude in his beloved expat infested salmiya? or another photo of him standing in a demolished building looking upwards imitating the architect dude from prison break as if hope is lost. Looks Queeritating to me!

        • dotsNpink

          OMG, is he really???? (curious) LOL

          Is this why (though his married) he doesn’t have any kids/babies/baby yet??? (again am just curious)

  2. U Still Talkin?!

    Mark is fine really, enjoyable to read his shit and get educated for the some of us on some matters we never knew existed… like the blow up bed mattress! Wicked man! Other than that he should state his opinions as just an opinion not a credible review.. sorry mark but ur opinions are shit! And I liked benihanna 😛

  3. Patrick Semaan

    You have an interesting concept here. Critics are important to raise quality. My personal advise though would be to stay away from directing criticism at the bloggers themselves, as in their personal lives / personalities and to focus more on the content of their blogs. You have enough materials to play with if you hit on that alone anyway 😉

  4. Don

    Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….That was the shiznit!!! Ripped Marky Mark one like nobody ever has…….hahaha…still cant stop laughing. I don’t hate Mark, I like his web site and read it everyday, but it seems like it was cool and low key before and has turned into product promotions, and if your comment doesn’t agree with what he was saying, then his minions will come to his defense and keyboard whip you to death…….

  5. SuperMario

    Well, comparing to other blogs , Mark’s blog makes most sense and actually you can feel in his posts/reviews there is somone who is actually thinking before writing. if he’s posting to get money so what who cares we all care about money don’t we 😉 .

    And you need to be careful to be repetitive coz this is your third post about mark in such a short time, you are moving towards cheesiness and like you are running out of ideas.

    Be creative because this blog’s idea is nice !

    • BoDanah

      ^^ says one of the apple fanboys and mark’s soldiers. What kind of senses and thinking are you talking about when it comes to munching and reviewing a falafel sandwich? oh the tahnini tastes tangy, oh the texture of the felafel looks appealing, fuk dat felafel shit I say and keep them salads tossing!

    • BoDanah

      with all the money that your brother is making, cant he dish out 2$-3$ to provide you with the basic 100mb hosting plans so you can get your site off wordpress. Its good that he blogs about you from time to time just to refresh your existence.

      • Patrick

        If you noticed I don’t blog that much so I don’t need to get my site off WordPress. Don’t you have anything better to do than to be a troll?

  6. Saud

    Why is this guy obsessed with Mark so much? People like Mark’s blog the way it is, random and shit. Many people copied him and it has been proven to be a successful formula.

    If you ask me, it seems like the Wizard has his panties all in a bunch.

  7. SuperMario

    we’re not defending him, nor attacking you. so whats your problem ? i think he really has a crush on him lol

  8. lloyd_911

    it seems to be a very parasitic blog….living off the others….the novelty would wear off soon enough if you cannot come up with some thing better than being the teacher correcting spelling mistakes…interesting read nonetheless…
    btw you cannot make me follow your conventions for spellings for capitalization for this comment, im a first world anarchist http://www.reddit.com/r/firstworldanarchists/

  9. Ali

    You might as well be launching a grappling hook into his ass. On another note, for an english major you sure do know how to squeeze your ideas out of the old outspoken cynic teat ’til it runs dry. I’ll give you about 2 months.


    THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU …….. your BLOG ROCKS at last some1 has noticed that MARK has been bullshitting all these years …. ppl read his blogs and think that he’s MR.KNOW IT ALL … food critic ( madree GORDON RAMSAY ) or reviews cars ( Yah MR. Clarkson ) lalala best part is when he complains about KUWAIT mo 3ajbik LEAVE ….
    again THANK YOU

    • Just

      That is clearly not Mark writing those ridiculous posts, – its obvious someone was trying to cause some sort of drama. Childish.

  11. Amedar

    Iˇ¦ve learn several good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much effort you place to create any such fantastic informative web site.

  12. eng3bdalla

    This blog ripped off mark into shreds! He is alwayd compalining about how kuwait is being run and is not like neighbouring countries in the gulf. el 7mdella with all of our negative witheld issues, are leaders in so many fields. If you dont like this country, simply stop dissing it and leave! Becoming the mayor of salmiya! lol. Streeeeeeee7!


    Mark says:
    August 30, 2012 at 5:58 pm
    she says she’s a girl plus she blushed when zdistrict complimented her on the post about him. also a guy wouldn’t use a girly color like purple for their header 😛


  14. Spartan

    yes i agree..Mark does not believe in “freedom of speech” and he does delete comments often..including mine..his blog is nothing but a platform for bashing kuwait and he is the biggest drama queen ever! “they put a travel ban on me and i had to pay a 50 kd fine”..booo-hoo…cry me a river…..and i also agree, he does not have the proper expertise to give a “professional” opinion about anything…ANYONE can give a “prepaid-for” opinion though…which is what he does of course..

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  16. Derrick

    I’m a teenager in Kuwait that started a commercial website and a semi blog platform and in the beginning I didn’t know of anything and the only few people I asked for help were IT Engineers and bloggers and Mark from 248am was one of them. Let me just say that the reason I stared the website with a few of my friends was to earn money out of it so we can pay for our high school fees and further studies as our parents couldn’t afford to. And I did mention this to Mark when I asked him for help and what did he do in return? Insult us on a reply – back mail about not knowing anything. The least humane thing he could’ve have done at that moment as an adult blogger with experience is to give free/paid advice or reject the request BUT INSTEAD HE DECIDES TO INSULT 4 HIGH SCHOOL TEENAGERS. I’m very aware that many do not know this side of him. I could’ve shown the email screen shots and stuff to make things a bit more interesting but unfortunately I cannot post here. I respected Mark for once when he helped an educated domestic worker in Kuwait get a better job, but now I’m guessing that was a publicity stunt to gain traffic =) I also agree with most of the comments I’ve read related to this post and thanks to everybody who helped, my website is at a soft launch state. I suck at what blog posts I do but if you guys would like to share and create content, you can contact us [contact@exotickuwait.com].

    P.s.-Mark if you are reading this little girl, this is karma.

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