Like A Sir – Kuwait Edition

Like a sir.

This guy has got some class! Kind of cute too… ;).

Courtesy of Q8Geeks.



  1. Abdallah

    ilsul6ana sucks. Random ads are sometimes fun, but posting just “ANYTHING” makes her blog look disgusting with time.. I critisize her politely and she deletes my comment.. It’s not the first time she does that.. Not just with me.. My friends too! Democracy is 0% in her blog. She’ll justify that obviously..but I don’t care. She’s the biggest sucker in all the Kuwaiti blogs in my opinion 😛

  2. Spartan

    yes i agree..Mark does not believe in “freedom of speech” and he does delete comments often..including mine..his blog is nothing but a platform for bashing kuwait and he is the biggest drama queen ever! “they put a travel ban on me and i had to pay a 50 kd fine”..booo-hoo…cry me a river…..and i also agree, he does not have the proper expertise to give a “professional” opinion about anything…ANYONE can give a “prepaid-for” opinion though…which is what he does of course..

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