Oh I got you BananQ8. I got you reallllll good.

I created a fake email and a made up story about how I want to advertise a new product I made called Felafel Peanut Butter and sent it out to multiple popular blogs on Kuwait. Here’s the story I wrote:

I’m interested in advertising on your blog. I know you get a lot of views and are known to be a well respected blogger who posts quality content. I have a new product I made called Felafel Peanut Butter!
You see, one day I was snacking on a yummy peanut butter sandwich when I just happened to have some freshly ordered felafel balls close by. I grabbed one of the balls and munched on it furiously, but something bad happened! The oily felafel crumbs fell all into my peanut butter sandwich directly below. At first I thought the sandwich was ruined because the crunchy crumbs of the felafel fell into it, but because I’m currently very obese and wouldn’t even let one of my children pass me by without attempting to eat them, I went ahead and took a bite out of that felafel stained peanut butter sandwich.
It was as if a thousand prayers had come true instantly. As my tongue twisted around the felafel peanut butter sandwich in my mouth, I felt a strange oozing around my crotch area. I knew that this was the best sandwich in the world and everyone in Kuwait has to know!
I spent several minutes perfecting my felafel sandwich spread. I grab two balls within the palm of my hand, tickle them a little bit with my finger tips, and then smash them up and throw them into a jar of peanut butter. Then I spice it up by adding a little bit of nemes (fyi that’s semen spelled backwards), a special spice handed down through generations within my family.
I have around 100 jars ready to sell and now I need to advertise to get the word out. I’ve created an ad that would fit perfectly in the ad spaces on your blog. Specifically the ad space on the right all the way to the top. I just need you to tell me your rate so that I can pay you and send you the ad to put on your great blog.
Thank you and eagerly awaiting your reply.

Now who would believe a story like that? BananaQ8 would. He actually thought I was serious. Here’s his reply email:

Hey, at least he’s a nice guy! He offered to give little old me a discount price hehe. ❤

Consider yourself trolled BananaQ8.

Now I sent the same email to Kuwaitiful and he caught that I was joking around and sent me this reply:

You’re too smart for me Kuwaitiful. But don’t think this gets you off the hook from being posted about on this blog! Your time will come soon enough.



  1. Wizurrr

    BananaQ8, is this guy for real? maybe he called himself BananaQ8 because he has banana peels for brains. I mean a blind, prehistoric man with no taste buds would know this was a trolling attempt. LOL

  2. pro

    BananaQ8 loves to advertise stupidly ..grow some balls man and learn to say no at one time to another. Money won’t fly LOL

  3. GreY

    “”” I felt a strange oozing around my crotch area. I knew that this was the best sandwich in the world and everyone in Kuwait has to know!””

    HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA OMG ! How did BananaQ8 missed it ROFL

  4. Spartan

    “how DID BananaQ8 MISSED it”….wow..good grammar there buddy…and it is quite easy to miss obvious things like that when you’re blinded by the glare of money..nice to see some bloggers have “standards”

  5. carlos

    That was fun. Actually it’s his reply that was EPIC. Try to come up with more subtle evil plans and you can catch em’ all.
    Let alone the grammar part, its no fun. Actually, with all the blogs around, you will have enough materials to last a life time, by just focusing on the worth of their content – each post.

  6. e7mood

    dont know how you think you got banana bs maybe mo5ik 3awai…. an advertisement in a blog doesn’t reflect the blooger so he puts what ever the customer wants to advertise as long as its not insulting others

    • Spartan

      really?? so you wanna tell me he ACTUALLY found the mix of peanut butter and falafel “interesting and original”?? REALLY?? matter of fact is, KBS could have pitched a lizard marinated in dog feces, and the guy would have STILL found it “interesting and original”…as long as he was gonna get paid KD 250 “discounted rate”!

      • e7mood

        mo min 7ag banana he judges any product 7ata law its dog food mixed with rahash…. if someone goes to hermes and tell the guy im going camping and i want bags to put my machlaa in will the sale man show him some bags?? of course he will he doesnt care what this insane guy will do with them as long as he is selling
        anyways im not going to reply anymore im on vacation but i really think what u guys are doing here is wrong and has no point we all know what bloogers do and want you dont have to make them sound that their stealing our money… if you want to point our copy cat bloogers that go ahead but trying to bad mouth someone its just not “classy kuwaiti”

        • Spartan

          there is a HUGE difference between not caring what the customer does with my product, and not caring what I AM supporting and advertising for…the fact that you can’t tell the difference between the two scenarios shows me that you are unable to construct a rational argument..
          u obviously can’t tell the difference between criticizing and “bad mouthing” either…which is why I agree with you, u should just enjoy ur vacation and not “worry” about this blog too much..have fun

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  8. Nelson

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  9. Abdallah

    I see all people in this blog murmuring about grammar and vocab. All people with such issues really to get a life instead of constantly picking on people. I might consider grammar/vocab an issue, only if it was the blogger’s first language, yet English is NOT! We are Arab-Kuwaitis. So let’s focus more on our roots instead of others please..

    This is a comment for those who aren’t hardheaded silly people.. I’m sure at-least some will re-think about this issue.. I truly believe there many other worthy issues that do deserve critizing besides this 2nd language usage silliness.. Like Banana’s discount lol!

  10. q8ybear

    kaaaaaaak this is a good one, I latterly spilled some of my latte from my nose and dropped on my egg sandwich. I couldn’t resist to try it and it tastes really good. Thus, I will start my new product egg balls with latte flavor XD

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  12. Felix

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  13. hiba98

    “I felt a strange oozing around my crotch area” Hahahaha XD
    Really?!! I’m sitting here laughing like a mad woman and my dad’s wondering what’s wrong with me.

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