1. Wizurrr

    My eyes started to bleed by the time I got to the second picture! Is she taking these pictures from inside a dog carrier?

  2. James

    Haahahaha this is exactly why i stopped following her dumbass blog. My 12 year old brother can do a better job; i’m serious!
    It’s about time somebody started pointing these things out. Keep this up, love your Blog!


  3. JJ

    She also spray paints pictures of scantly clad models she C&Ps from fashion magazines so as not to insult people of her conviction. Ansam, why post a picture of a model wearing a bikini & then obscure her boobs & thighs? Ansam: Because it’s OK for a woman to wear a bikini in the sole company of her husband, but not on my blog. The poor girl is out to lunch & she doesn’t even know it.

  4. BoDanah

    She cant take photos for shit! TILT THE CAMERA MORE OMGLOLZ.

    But comeon? Hire a company? to make her blog? lolz? a monkey can decompress that wordpress tarball on any directory. Plus her english makes babies shed tears, helb us out quickly and stob bosting 3ala bloggich yr7mali ommich, oo سلامتكم

  5. BoDanah

    I was joking earlier, I just came back from visiting her blog. I really don’t know if I will ever get my 10 minutes refunded for wasting my time there. KBS I thought you were kidding but almost 95% of the photos were tilted, it never even adds any artistic values neither does it make it more appealing, it just makes things more difficult to interpret, and I’m pretty darn sure that ansam girl is not into dark mysterious artistic bullshit either.

    She claims newfound love to lakeland kitchenware (or whatever its called), but why love them if you cant cook for granted? Thats like falling in love with Marlboro when I’m not a smoker myself. All I see is tilted photos of the food she shoves down her throat, and the friggin receipt of the order. Why put a receipt photo? its an insult because she can’t finish the other half of the review, she showed you tilted photos of amazingly looking food and gave you the name, then threw the price tag for you to decide its worthiness, well guess what, I wasn’t there and I never tasted the food, how am I gonna judge? Idiot.

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