1. JJ

    Any adult with children who calls herself “swera” is a nickel short of a dime in my book, hence the title of her blog is apt.

    • BoDanah

      Honestly its the first time I ever come across her blog. The entire thing seems to be a cheapskate shot to getting some fame in the blogger world and perhaps appear seated on alwatan tv trying to explain to the entire population how computer literacy has taken over her world, and that there exists people just like her.

      Note to all bloggers: being an IT assistant professor myself, please understand that simple knowledge on how to extract a compressed wordpress file onto the web server is no computer literacy at all, a monkey can uncompress that file on their hosting account just to have a blog appear 10 seconds later, you are fooling nothing but yourself with your “Technology Skillz”!
      It takes years of dedication and hard work to become a full computer literate, making banners using photoshop to fit predefined image boxes on the word press template is NOT website design.

      Every single fucking day I come across asshole in their twenties carrying their recently bought silver macbook laptops to the coffeshop. They look like geeks, they dress geek, talk geek, drink geek and sit for countless hours discussing blog traffic and twitter followers, خف علينا يا social networking expert. They cant even type a single unix line within their terminal window to kill a hanging process. Even the geeks these days are fake.

      just my 2 cents :p

    • BoDanah

      reminds of the Kuwaitis that I see on my travels abroad, always screaming and yelling gibberish word pronunciations trying to form a sentence to provide their point, and they have this understanding that “if you cant understand me then akeed akeed you hate me” attitude. the problem is 95% of the population have the same level of academic English yet they think that level is sufficient to make them a fully capable speakers of the language, which is absolutely wrong. Bloggers like Crazy should refrain from adventuring with the vocabulary and expressions (metaphorically or otherwise) because it will amplify the confusion to a level where nothing is being understood. Do us a favor and vanish min il wijood, will ya?

  2. Hoda Abbas Marafie (@hoda7)

    English major? If she wants everyone to be proper and shit, she should at least be an example. Why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that all her posts are center-aligned, which is the favored alignment for foul and falafel restaurant menus in Mergab?

  3. Sumaiah

    That lady is a work of art.. Maybe a rough abstract. Not sure if the post about Atheism is still there, but that was something.

    I love your blog! It’s a shame I just found out about it.

      • Sumaiah

        I didn’t write anything when it was fresh and I had the chance, so who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn’t write about! I just wanted to say that she’s comfortable with making such harsh personal attacks but she’s not so accepting of receiving any sort of criticism. I petty the child growing inside her.

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