1. Anon

    “Hey, I love you too”
    yes, I will keep an eye on that Bazza post. Food was delish but the lady just ruined it!!
    Come to think of it, I’ve noticed how the whole “food reviewing” practice is basically almost the same.. the only blog I look at for food reviews and pics is klamtam. Dude is very organized and takes it very seriously as opposed to dragging your whole family around to stalk veggies and dead poultry on a dish..
    poor babies http://goo.gl/fSJOL

    • peanuts

      i agree and disagree.

      agree if it was one of those fine dining restaurants and/or uses the flash nonstop that causes hallucinations like you’re on a wild pot session or something.

      disagree because you really never know the reason. might be a blogger or just testing the camera or just wants to take pictures.
      I for one, takes pictures of what interests me. I just use my iPhone though since I don’t have one of those cameras; But if I did then I would of course. I’m an expat by the way. The first time I’ve ever eaten at a Kuwaiti Restaurant, I took hundred of photos. from the rice, the lamb, down to the grilled onions. Afterwards, sent all of it (IN CD) back home for my mom. CD was titled “Mama, I’ll be obese soon!”

      just my 2 fills.

      • Anon

        I totally agree but in her case, she was just being inconsiderate and annoying. everyone pretty much gave her the dirty look hehe

    • Anon

      Well, it was definitely rude of her to take over 50 pictures with the stupid flash coming off every 5 seconds, disturbing everyone around. It is rude and ridiculous to take an enormous amount of photos while others are just trying to enjoy their goddamn chicken machboos! blogger or not. and don’t worry about him/her running out of ideas.. KBS has minions now… ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Q8GEEK

        I’ll beat that:
        I did take pictures (Around a hundred) in an hour of my friend’s eye in Starbucks with extremely powerful external flash clicking fast syncing with the camera.

        Bothered people? Maybe… But for each person I bothered, I get +1, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

        But at least I got good results:
        Eye 02
        Eye 01

      • ุงู†ุงู†ู…ูˆุณ

        How is it rude? Seriously, you’re letting a lady who is taking pictures ruin your outing? WTF! Who the hell cares what she’s doing, just mind your own business and eat your food! Why are you paying to attention to what other people around you are doing? If she wants to take 50, 100, or even 1000 pictures of her food, let her be. I really don’t understand why your so pissed. “I honestly felt the urge to go grab her face and smash it with the piece of shit sheโ€™s using.” Are you kidding? You felt the urge to smash her face into her camera? You must be one violent mofo! You seriously need to calm down, relax, and mind your own damn business. Your wasting so much of your energy hating others for whatever they are doing, and it’s really not good for you because you’re creating all this anger and hate because of stupid reasons.

        This blog is an interesting blog, even though I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff written, mostly because some things are quite rude and can be written in a better manner. I think that posts, like this one, really serve no purpose. I mean seriously, what is the point of this post? And how does someone becomes un-classy because they are taking pictures of their food, or the restaurant they’re in? Do you even know how to be classy? Because a lot of the thing you have written really seem quite trashy and not classy at all. I’m sure someone will tell me, if you don’t like whats on the blog, then don’t check it out. I check out this blog several times in the day to see the update of the blog and where things have ended up. I also check the blog because constructive criticism is good, but I feel some things have been blown out of proportion. If the person running this blog seems to point out all the negative things on the blogs she/he has posted about, then she/he should would probably be much better than everyone else and should definitely make a blog that blows all the other blogs out of the water, when it comes to design, subjects, ads, and pretty much everything else. I’m almost pretty sure the owner of this blog will not be able to make a better blog than everyone else. Also, someone might tell me she/he already has with this blog, but I would definitely disagree, because all this blog does is point out all the negative things about all the other bloggers, and whatever mistakes those bloggers may have made. I personally think someone who would point out all these negativities about other people, is someone who is very shallow and probably lacks self confidence, and maybe even is jealous of what the other bloggers have accomplished. People who are weak and self conscious are the people that love to pin point the flaws of everyone else, but will never look at her or his own flaws and negativities.

        And one last thing, “Do you ever notice these bloggers or do your blogger friends ever affect your social experience?”, of course not, because I don’t let these silly things get to me! They do whatever they have to do, and I do whatever I have to do. I don’t let these stupid reasons affect my social experience, because if I did, I’d probably be pissed all the time.

        • BoDanah

          DEFINITION of a Restaurant: a commercial establishment or commune where meals are prepared and served to customers and are consumed within the allocated licensed premises.

          A certain restaurant carries a specific cuisines or a range of them. Please understand that there are food items that have to be eaten the way they are supposed to be, pizzas without forks, burgers without spoons, sushi rolls and chopsticks. The culture surrounding the cuisine demands something called ‘DINING ETIQUETTE’, this is that food are eaten universally in a standardized manner, this is ethics and manners to a certain cuisine and its people, you have to abide by them in order to win the dining experience that the industry is aiming for.

          You can’t just do whatever you want to do, either you have some respect to the people sharing this commune, or simply FUCK OFF with your camera and take your photos outside, because I know the managers wouldn’t mind if you carried your plate outside for 3-5 minutes for a quick photo shoot.

          Policies has been placed in France, UK and the USA where the restaurant has the right to refuse serving the customer because of the photography shoot taking place in a PRIVATE PREMISES. Even BURGER KING in the states have a no-photography policy, as any shift manager.

          Only In Kuwait do you see these people with attention deficit disorders carrying cameras around just to show people around that you are working on something beyond eating the meal itself, that you are better than anyone around you. Just a reminder to my Kuwaiti people, when you are in a restaurant, or a store, or a private club, I don’t care where you are, as long as its not a public thing, YOU HAVE TO REQUEST PERMISSION BEFORE TAKING PHOTOS.

          just my 2 cents to the assholes living amongst us.

          • ุงู†ุงู†ู…ูˆุณ

            Once those policies are enforced in Kuwait, then we can discuss people not taking photographers when they’re eating at a restaurant. But until then, people are free to take as much photographs as they like. Why are you angry? Seriously, calm down. There’s no reason to curse or CAPITALISE certain parts of your post to get your MESSAGE across.

        • Anon

          I agree with the “chill, relax, ignore” shit.
          So, you’re telling me.. that she has the right to bother not only me, but 4 other tables around in a small place just because I need to mind my own business? cool.
          Next time I go to a cafe, I am entitled to do whatever I want and everyone should STFU and mind their own business because they need to chill and relax and basically get a life. I might as well grab a blow horn and start a conversation with my friend and tell everyone to relax.
          Noise pollution? naaaaaaaah. they should mind their own business.. why should silly things like that get to them!? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Funny

    It’s funny how people want to have the right to do whatever they want. Yet they don’t want people to take pics. How pathetic can you get?

    You are positive she is a blogger but that is still an assumption.

    A social experience can be ruined by ignorant people like you.

    • BoDanah

      We need etiquette, we need to understand that the culture, the customers, the food within the restaurant all need specific values to have the dining experience that you pay for. If you decide that anyone can do whatever they want, it will be a jungle, it will be a mess. You have a right to take photographs in a restaurant as much right as I have to scratch my asshole that has been itching me while at the dining table? what you feel disgusted? you didn’t like what you saw? why cant you just mind your own business and let me (the table infront of you) scratch my asshole in piece ? you have as much liberty to take photos as me scratching my asshole. How is that?

      Fuck you ignorant bastards, photography is never a right on private premises, keep that in mind ADD fuckers.

    • Anon

      Again, I would rather be ignorant than rude. I know I for one would not dare to do that because I know that it might probably annoy people. that’s called being considerate and I at the end of the day didn’t leave that place looking like an inconsiderate asshole ๐Ÿ™‚

    • peanuts

      nice shot!
      but personally, if I have one of those cameras, then I would use it don’t you agree?

      I have a friend who purchased a Nikon Camera. The DSLR type. Couldn’t believe it was KD700 ++.
      Anyway, she just used it a couple of times then used her Iphone since then. I told her why not sell it if she’s not going to use it. She replied “no way! i love that camera”.

      This lead me to a complete loss. Why buy it when you don’t intend to use it?

      • BuYousef

        Your friend is right to keep both… one doesn’t replace the other. But she should perhaps try to use it more than a couple of times ๐Ÿ™‚ It really depends what you want the photo for (Horses for courses). For Facebook or instagram, a quick phone capture is enough; for a food magazine or a book, a DSLR is most likely a must.

      • Mathai

        Carrying an SLR can be a chore sometimes so its preferable to have a smaller camera or even a decent mobile phone to shoot something as intimate as a meal you’re about to have. The different in quality though is quite striking. Here’s the same item taken with my mobile phone and my SLR just minutes apart.
        The works ready to go

      • BoDanah

        DSLRs and especially the legacy ones from Nikon will never have its value falling down. DSLRS never lose value, they are to keep for a lifetime (15-25 years) and used in very special occasions (in my case). I would love to carry it around but its heavy with all the lenses and filters that I carry around with, combine that with the every flowing flash gun gifts, you cant go anywhere with that thing.

    • BoDanah

      Dont you think that instagram and its built in filters makes someone an artist by birth? you should check out my neice (7 year old) she takes great photos that look artsy artsy with the omg amazing filters…

  3. Just Lil' ol Me

    What amuses me the most about this blog is that people who claim to hate it, and even create the ‘anti-KBS’ blog, continue to comment here. They openly express it’s a horrible, mean, cruel, relentless blog. Yet they come here numerous times a day to read AND comment.

    You, my dear, not only have minions, puppets, and fans… but you have mastered the art of manipulating their emotions. โค

    • BoDanah

      it’s an addiction. there will be a small network of similar blogs coming up soon, together with KBS we can criticize precisely abnormal bloggers in Kuwait, which can serve as a feedback to bloggers and help improve the content and credibility on their blogs for Kuwait to achieve a better blogging experience.

      • Just Lil' ol Me

        Oh let’s not try to improve the blogging practices. That would require remedial grammar courses and/or deletion of 99% of current blogs. We have advertisements and commercials for the real information we seek. I think it’s entertaining enough just to watch the criminals and hypocrites be called out.

  4. Mathai

    I shoot food all the time, either with my DSLR or mobile but the thing is to be discreet about it. No one likes flashes of light while sitting down for a relaxing meal. Another thing is flash is an absolute no no for food photography unless you’re using some light modifiers. Look at this blogger, I’ve been following her since she started and she has taken her food porn to almost studio like quality with her photos.

  5. BoDanah

    You guys are amazing enduring all these annoyances at the restaurant. I just ask for the manager, and then explain to the manager that my experience with their franchise have taken a turn today because of the person flashing every detail of the dish as if they have just discovered a new fossil. Within a minute you see one of two things:

    1- The person with the camera taking it down and putting it through the carry-on bag, while cunningly scanning the entire floor for the snitch that held it against him.
    2- Take off without paying their food, then the manager takes them to a hidden corner where they can start flashing their camera at all times.

    Women have it worse, when female blogger photographers who believe that starting a blog to discuss her daily walks in the avenues, the expensive things that she bought, and food that flana brings and flana made. When in public I saw a mother of three simply take photos of the dishes for her blog while her husband and children had saliva dripping out of their mouth because of the hunger, they weren’t allowed to touch the food until she was done shooting. Fuck that shit I say.

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