1. Alfalfa

    Oh and didn’t Owlolive use the same spelling of ‘call-out’ as you did before you were ‘called out’ on the error?

      • No one cares

        No one really cares who it is but those who are still not getting the concept.
        If someone criticizes you in public, you have 2 options:
        A- you wimp out and curse the world for ganging up on you
        B- you grow some balls and tell them who’s boss. and by that I am implying a bit of improvement to whatever has been said if you find it fair and somewhat true. regardless the “attacks” were personal or not, grow some balls and improve yourself if you find it so difficult to deal with the fact that some people have their own views and they should not be taken lightly especially with this amount of exposure everyone contributed to.
        Whoever created this blog probably thought it wouldn’t even last a week with all those famous bloggers out there. but once those same bloggers featured the posts on their blogs, you all contributed to the success of the blog showing that “haters” are not going to hate, but rise and succeed. Don’t feed the troll πŸ˜‰
        you need to realize that partially, you too do agree with the concept until something obviously pissed you off. Whether you were one of those who were bashed on the blog or not is irrelevant. The question is: why would anyone care who the person behind those posts are unless what’s being said hit a cord?
        Beats me how everyone is barking names and pointing fingers like it would make a difference. I don’t see any dirty laundry anywhere BUT in the comments.. which is pathetic. πŸ™‚

        • Alfalfa

          There is no concept
          Some mean spirited juvenile decided to take offence because people in Kuwait finally found a hobby apart from eating .
          The whole ‘concept’ of blogging is to write how, what, when, where you please …. KBS seems to have some form of OCD demanding people conform to his/ her/their blogging requirements . Blogging is the new habba- Halas you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame, now piss off.

          • No one cares

            grrrrrrrr.. easy tiger!
            If I wanted to have my 15 minutes of fame I’d start a blog and follow the crowd πŸ˜› NO, THANXY! I have far more important things to do.. like sit here and watch KBS teach some of you guys a lesson whether they intend to or not. Much more entertaining, really.
            And I can tell by your aggressive approach that you are definitely one of those mentioned.. I can actually see your blog’s URL in my head πŸ˜€ I will refrain from pointing fingers but will still amuse myself with the thought..
            Anyhow, don’t take it personal πŸ˜‰

      • owlolive

        Dude, is this a joke? Are you kidding right now?

        No, I’m not Kuwait Blogs Suck. Although, you are right: we DO both say ‘call out.’

        Your evidence is damning.

          • owlolive

            Ahahahahahaha! Oh my God, I’m seriously about to pass out laughing right now.

            Dude, listen. Kuwait Blogs Sucks is a 19 year old girl, who is a possible sophomore in some university in Kuwait.

            I am a 23 year old female author living in Montreal, Canada in grad school who happens to visit Kuwait every few months.

            And, sometimes, multiple people use the same words.

            You know, I heard Angelina Jolie say ‘call out’ in an interview once. So you have my absolute blessing to tell people that I’m Angelina Jolie.

            • Alfalfa

              And a 19 year old Kuwaiti girl writes a fake e mail about peanut butter and semen?

              Nah ‘dude’… Go tell it to the fairies.

            • owlolive

              Are you implying that a 23 year old female author (who is also married and has a full-time job) WOULD write a fake email about peanut butter and semen?

              Because, if you are, then I’m offended on behalf of 23 year old females everywhere. If anything, that kind of stunt sounds EXACTLY like something a 19 year old, bored college sophomore would do.

              Anyway, you’re weird conspiracy, base-less mumbo-jumbo is boring me now. You have the right to believe what you wish.

              All I ask is that you refrain from publicly associating me with this blog because I have absolutely no interest in anyone harboring under the false notion that I have anything to do with it. There are many things about this blog which I am deeply critical of and find very flawed. These are things I would never associate myself with let alone approve of others attributing to me just because they feel like it.

  2. No one cares

    Alfalfa hehe sorry my bad.
    Anyhow, your blog might not be boring at all (or else you’d be under the spotlight here haha!)
    but aren’t you glad you’re getting to read somewhat useful stuff? πŸ˜€

  3. alfalfa

    @Peanuts – go back and read BananQ8 trolled, KBS writes:
    created a fake email and a made up story about how I want to advertise a new product I made called Felafel Peanut Butter and sent it out to multiple popular blogs on Kuwait. Here’s the story I wrote:

    I’m interested in advertising on your blog………
    ………….It was as if a thousand prayers had come true instantly. As my tongue twisted around the felafel peanut butter sandwich in my mouth, I felt a strange oozing around my crotch area. I knew that this was the best sandwich in the world and everyone in Kuwait has to know!
    I spent several minutes perfecting my felafel sandwich spread. I grab two balls within the palm of my hand, tickle them a little bit with my finger tips, and then smash them up and throw them into a jar of peanut butter. Then I spice it up by adding a little bit of nemes (fyi that’s semen spelled backwards), a special spice handed down through generations within my family.”

  4. BoDanah

    Wonderfully put. I am really glad that Caesar’s hard work is showing great results to the blogging community in Kuwait. They need to understand the flaws and the issues concerning what blogging has turned into in Kuwait.

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