LOL!!! Inconsistent Spray Can Censorship by iLSuL6ana

Oh hey, iLSuL6ana posted a picture of Scarlett Johansson in a pretty dress. That’s real nice, but what’s the necklace she has on? Wait…. WHAT?!?!?.

LOL!!!!!! Look at that! Scarlett Johansson has some spray canned cleavage!

iLSuL6ana, I applaud you for using Microsoft Paint, my tool of choice, but why are you using it for this reason? Who made you your blog readers’ morality enforcer? I mean, just a simple Google search will find us lots of images of Scarlett Johansson’s incredible cleavage. Like this:

So what’s the point exactly of spray canning her boobs?

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that iLSuL6ana is inconsistent. Right on the same page is an image of a woman’s cleavage showing:

Lol. How can you even run a fashion blog when you’re going to be censoring things? From what I’ve seen on Fashion TV on OSN (my research for this post), lots of fashion designers pump up the cleavage, and some even make see through clothing and you can see the models’ breasts clearly.

What a chore it must be for you to spray can all these girls’ boobs, and it definitely is a hard chore because you’re inconsistent about it. I dislike censorship. You should consider discontinuing your inconsistent censorship iLSuL6ana.



  1. Klonk

    It could be for people who are at work and certain images are NSFW. Or maybe her core audience is just not comfortable with those sort of photos. It’s not entirely a bad idea.

  2. ุงู†ุงู†ู…ูˆุณ

    You do know she OWNS the blog and can do whatever she likes right? Even though it has become a blog mostly for advertisements, she can censor and not censor whatever she likes. Maybe she has religious beliefs, and showing excess cleavages goes against what she believes in? Why can’t you respect that? Even if she was inconsistent, seriously, who cares? Maybe she missed out on a few pictures here and there. You don’t like checking out the blog? The censorship bothers you and goes against what you believe in? Then GTFO!

    • Ryan gg

      Ok this like it or leave it retorts are really dull , bland and an indication of lack of creativity . Is thT all you people have when something is thrown at you ?

      “hey look , it’s a bird humping a cat !!”

      – keifi ! Like it or leave it !

    • JJ

      Spray painting cleavage is inconsistent with religious beliefs. To be consistent, she must spray paint Scarlett’s hair and shoulders as well. What she did is called hypocrisy or “holding the stick in the middle” as they say in Arabic. Some will do anything for money, including compromising religious beliefs.

  3. Ryan gg

    It’s the same reason why they cover themselves fully but wear outfits so tight it will squeeze their gall bladders out .

  4. Q8GEEK

    To be honest, I realized that she only covers the extreme cleavage exposure… I understand why she’s doing it, but not with paint…

    Then again, beeewwwbs *drool*

  5. J.A.

    My goodness, this is the most amusing blog in Kuwait. I took off from the train 9 months ago ’cause everything lost its authenticity and spark but I just might join the comment wagon for the fun of it.

    But my boy you hit it hard with a tinge of sarcasm to spice things up.

    And about the censoring thing, I think we’re all old enough to handle a lil bit of cleavage exposure without ogling like hormone-raged young teens, don’t ya reckon?

  6. Always_Me

    While you haters are hating on this blog, the bloggers themselves are enjoying life :p Keep hating because its getting boring with the same commenters making the same hate comments ๐Ÿ˜€ Just make one post since all the comments are getting repeated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. J.A.

    That’s why you took your time to reply to the haters ’cause they’re apparently “boring” enough not only for you to read them but also to reply to them. Man, you just did the same thing the rest are doing. Contradication much?

      • J.A.

        Nevertheless, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Any more grammar/spelling errors in need of being corrected? Although I feel it’s kind of juvenile to point them out ’cause we all know they’re honest mistakes.

        • The Caf

          I thought it was funny, but apparently what’s funnier is that you took offence to an innocent joke in a blog that you enjoy “because” it bashes other blogs and people out… I’m sorry but I have to call it out; “contradicatIon” much?

          cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • J.A.

            Yes it was funny and I didn’t feel offended whatsoever. I just thought with the constant grammar/spelling mistakes everyone is pointing out, they have lost core of the initial argument and resulted to picking out trivial, juvenile remarks on the person they were talking to. This blog is everything other people wouldn’t voice out or even think of voicing out and although I wouldn’t necessarily approve or agree with many of its content and targeting, I am amused by how very bold it is and by the insane and different reactions it is attracting. So I’m not contradicting myself mwah :* Nice talking to ya ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. BoDanah

    You guys don’t understand, for a contract to be signed between blogs and franchises in terms of displaying their advertisements and getting commissions based on advertisement location, size, its nature (jpg,gif,flash etc..), and finally according to agreements they set between themselves.

    Let me give you an example, let’s say I am electrozan and I wanted a 150 x 650 pixel advertising space on ilSul6ana, and I will display a flash advertisement for 6 months for the price of 2000 KD. Now the contract suggest both parties and what the trade of services that’s gonna take place, not only that, but as well as guidelines that the blogger should follow in order for the contract to remain valid and that includes (100% in all Kuwaiti based franchises) photos published that have to confront to strict standard, including non nude and outrageous photos.

    I will not pay 2000 KD for 6 months (as electrozan) to present my products to a perverted audience on a blog that keeps posted outrageous and adult photos and contents, I need to be advertising in the right place to the right people, I do not want my corporate identity or existence to be smothered by advertising on a blog portraying immoral values. This is the story from the business side.

    The blogger however, to keep receiving the money, the commissions, the rebates, the coupons, the free products to review, the free food they eat, they have to stick to the policies applied onto them by the giving entities. Basically ilSul6ana folks really don’t care what enters you eyes, as long as they are not breaking their caregiver’s policies, as long as they receive the money and love, they will always keep that boob away from your eyes, even though they love staring at it themselves.

    I hate these fucking materialistic lesboz that keep pumping contents on their blog, to hell with them I say.

      • ุงู†ุงู†ู…ูˆุณ

        Ummm, its her blog. She definitely has the right to post whatever she wants or doesn’t want, whether you agree with her or you don’t.

        • kuwaitblogssuck

          Sure. I agree with that. But I disagree with censorship and I criticized her blog for it. A fashion blog with censorship? Give me a break. Why even have a fashion blog at all? Like I said in the post Fashion TV and fashion websites are full with bare breasts.

    • Jabir

      I know I’m going to hear some unsurprising denial from Huda Marafie claiming it’s unintentional as I’m in expert with such sick mentalities.. yet I do have to say that it’s interesting to see a Shia wanting to block all Sunni Sheiks faces.. so this specific time frame!

  9. Abdallah

    And ilSul6ana sucks big time. She deletes all comments who aren’t necesarily rude, but any comments that conflict with her personal opinions.. Even on food tastes lol!!! The

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