Blogging in Kuwait = BIG MONEY!

You know what I just figured out? Blogging in Kuwait makes some serious money.

When I trolled BananaQ8, he gave me a monthly advertising rate. He quoted me 300KD for a regular monthly spot on the top most advertising space.

Based on his rate, let’s say you had 10 advertisement spaces, 2 top page banners and 8 sidebar spaces. The 2 top ads cost 350KD, the top 2 sidebar ads cost 300KD, the middle 4 sidebar ads cost 250KD, and the last 2 side bar ads cost 200KD.*

(2*350)+(2*300)+(4*250)+(2*200) =


*This is just an example. Imagine you had more banners and higher advertising costs? But also remember that not every blogger has all the ad spaces filled at the same time.

Wait a second. Seriously? 2700KD?!?! What the fudge!!! For copy pasting press releases, writing with horrible English skills, and writing shitty reviews with tilted images???

For our American readers out there: 2700kd = 9,576.18 USD. Tax free.

And how much do we pay our street cleaners every month? 40KD? How much do we pay our maids? 60KD? How much do advertising companies pay bloggers to sit on their ass and copy paste shit on a blog? 2700KD.

And imagine if you had a day job that payed 1200kd a month. In total you’d be making 3900KD (13,824.39 USD).

No wonder Mark from 248am quit his day job to be a full time blogger. No wonder all these bloggers keep posting pictures of their extravagant trips to exotic destinations. No wonder these bloggers buy all the latest gadgets and post reviews on them! All that cash they get from the advertisers pays for all of it!

And on top of all of that they post about all the free dinners and free gifts they get.

Doesn’t this feel somehow… wrong? I mean… they make more money than professional writers at newspapers. Hell they make more money than a lot of professions in Kuwait!

What do you gals and guys think about this? Classy or un-classy?



  1. fazle Lafir

    Fazle Mohamed Lafir
    #40, 42nd Lane,
    Colombo 6,
    Sri Lanka.

    9th, Sept. 2013.

    Arab Times – Editor.

    Aassalamualaikum wa rahmatullah he wa barakatuhu

    Dear Sir,

    Request for Assistance to get my terminal benefits
    and compensation due to Iraqi Invasion from Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait,

    I humbly request your services to highlight the victimization and
    oppression on my personal rights for employment and compensation
    benefits. Through your high office you can bring solace and redeem my
    position of financial hardship caused by the negligence and
    unprofessional attitude of the bank. Please bring this to the higher
    offices in the Government, Ministries concerned and people who have
    the power and authority to handle my case. I am Fazle Mohamed Lafir
    was an employee of the Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait.from 05/04/1981 to
    02/08/1990 until my services was terminated due to the Iraqi invasion
    of Kuwait.I was on vacation during the said termination in my home
    country.I was unable to travel to Kuwait due to the invasion and
    thereafter the war, and during this period my valid work permit
    expired, I notified the bank many times to arrange for a visit visa
    even to enable me to travel and sort out my dues and belongings in my
    apartment and this did not happen either. I was in constant touch with
    the Bahrain office with Mr. Farid AL Mulla the AGM International over
    there. Then I received a letter stating that my services were no more
    required due to the downsizing of the operations in Kuwait. This
    shocked me beyond my imagination for a person who sacrificed and
    devoted my valuable 10 years of service for the bank. My constant
    appeals as I was a family person and unemployed made no effect and
    reply from them..

    Secondly, as I mentioned I was terminated just like that, with the
    only reason been the invasion of Kuwait, without any compensation
    which under any International or Kuwait Labour laws says that I should
    be compensated for retrenchment for no fault of mine. Ans actuall except me there wasnt anyone retenched in the startegic decision made. I do understand

    the circumstances then but things are different now and you can take a
    humanitarian approach and decision to help me with relief. With my
    tenure of service with the bank completing 10 years of service, I
    should have been reasonably compensated, but it never happened. I was
    earning a salary of KD 531 at that time..During my tenure with the
    bank I worked extended hours due to the nature of the job, working
    late into the night everyday processing the day’s work updating,
    reporting and several duties assigned to me, I never saw my family
    awake when I reached home most days as they were sleeping due to late
    hours, then when its month end its still worst with working until the
    early hours of the morning completing the work as detailed and
    printing statement of accounts, nowadays technology has helped curtail
    the time but it wasn’t the same then. It went on from month end to
    month end, quarter ends, year ends and so on. I never on any occasion
    defaulted with my work or left for any complaints as my record will
    show you in my personnel file. It was a thankless tiring routine day
    after day. Yet work was done and the bank functioned smoothly the next
    day, at times mostly I was working alone in the night except on month
    ends. I can keep on mentioning so many things but I gather it gives
    you the picture of what my responsibility and commitment was to the
    bank. Don’t you think that I deserve more and be compensated for my
    abrupt termination. This help I beg of you is nothing in
    consideration for the bank, but to me it will be a big impact on my
    lifestyle and living and change it for better. Ameen.

    Thirdly, I lost all my belongings in a two bed-roomed furnished
    apartment as i could not get back to Kuwait, All our personal
    belongings of the entire family which we saved and cherished for many
    years was all gone.Furniture, Personal belongings, Electrical
    equipment, Household accessories, and Car. Lost over KD 25,000. I
    lived in Kuwait from 1976 until the time of the invasion in 1990. I
    was employed earlier on at Bader Al Mulla Group of companies in the
    Computer department from Aug, 1976 until i joined the bank in April,
    1981. My Civil ID Number is 1200054330.

    Please consider same as I am into heavy debts to support my family
    (wife and two children). My children were born in Kuwait. I have been
    in Kuwait Since Aug, !976. I count my 15 years in Kuwait as the best
    period in my life, it was truly blessed and thank almighty Allah for
    it. And always look forward to it as my home and still hoping to get
    back if my health prevails good.

    Please consider what I have mentioned and on humanitarians grounds
    help me. Its my rights that i humbly ask the bank to pay me now since
    they have not done it so far. I am a sick man now, diabetic and
    vertigo patient, I cannot work anymore unemployed, due to my health
    condition. Im 59 years old and my wife 59 years, my children are 28
    and 26. My wife is also sick she is having arthritis on both her legs
    and needs knee replacement surgery which I cannot afford and she is
    bed ridden now. Our medical bills alone are so costly to maintain our
    health. We are living with my daughter who looks after us and
    dependent on her. So I beg of you and earnestly ask you to consider my
    plight and help me, please do not say no as I have no one to turn too
    now, May almighty Allah bless you and the bank amen.

    Asslamu alaikum

    Best regards,

    F. M. Lafir.

    My Account Number : 004-178893-040

    HSBC — Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation. Wellawatte
    Branch, Sri Lanka

    • Iqbal

      Hi Sir,

      This is the first time I am reading your blog just randomly was looking for something but came across your blog. I am really eager to know whether you received any help from the authorities or not. What happened to your property of worth 25000 KD? Its been almost 2 years for your blog. Did you receive any kind of help this is really very shocking to read for such a dedicated person towards work suffered something like this for no reason. Should definitely get or must have received some kind of help, what actually is your condition ?

      • Iqbal

        Today your blog has completed two years hope your are fine wherever you are. I just thought if it is possible I could help as I am in Kuwait. The incident happened with you was really unfortunate but I think you have received help from Allah and you are fine now.

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  5. Lujane

    It’s definitely not classy to be a “Kuwaiti Blogger,” and I’m not saying that cause it’s “shameful” or “not up to my level,” but I feel the the bloggers/ “influencers” (as they like to call themselves) spread the notion that staying at home and not really working that hard will pay off, when really it’s only a very small percentage that actually get successful. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s just 15 minutes of fame and when that’s over, what do you think will happen to them? Their flame will die out and they will be left with nothing to do, and considering that they put their whole life out there, do you seriously think it will be easy for them to get back on their feet? I don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of *real kuwaiti bloggers* and I respect them whether what they do is in the beauty department all the way to food reviews and comedy blogs, but the majority of the Kuwaiti “social media influencers” (or whatever crap they want to call themselves) are real life failures and don’t deserve what they got.

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