Blogging in Kuwait = BIG MONEY!

You know what I just figured out? Blogging in Kuwait makes some serious money.

When I trolled BananaQ8, he gave me a monthly advertising rate. He quoted me 300KD for a regular monthly spot on the top most advertising space.

Based on his rate, let’s say you had 10 advertisement spaces, 2 top page banners and 8 sidebar spaces. The 2 top ads cost 350KD, the top 2 sidebar ads cost 300KD, the middle 4 sidebar ads cost 250KD, and the last 2 side bar ads cost 200KD.*

(2*350)+(2*300)+(4*250)+(2*200) =


*This is just an example. Imagine you had more banners and higher advertising costs? But also remember that not every blogger has all the ad spaces filled at the same time.

Wait a second. Seriously? 2700KD?!?! What the fudge!!! For copy pasting press releases, writing with horrible English skills, and writing shitty reviews with tilted images???

For our American readers out there: 2700kd = 9,576.18 USD. Tax free.

And how much do we pay our street cleaners every month? 40KD? How much do we pay our maids? 60KD? How much do advertising companies pay bloggers to sit on their ass and copy paste shit on a blog? 2700KD.

And imagine if you had a day job that payed 1200kd a month. In total you’d be making 3900KD (13,824.39 USD).

No wonder Mark from 248am quit his day job to be a full time blogger. No wonder all these bloggers keep posting pictures of their extravagant trips to exotic destinations. No wonder these bloggers buy all the latest gadgets and post reviews on them! All that cash they get from the advertisers pays for all of it!

And on top of all of that they post about all the free dinners and free gifts they get.

Doesn’t this feel somehow… wrong? I mean… they make more money than professional writers at newspapers. Hell they make more money than a lot of professions in Kuwait!

What do you gals and guys think about this? Classy or un-classy?



  1. JJ

    Now that you discovered a quick way to make money without working, go ahead and put those banners right and top. What the hey, everyone is a hustler these days.

  2. Alfalfa2

    Ultra- hey it’s almost like you’re jealous man. If youvare hard up for some cash and can’t pay that mortgage why not try it – but woanart don’t advertise here.<3

  3. kw8can

    thats y I like zdistrict he might not post everyday :-p but he,s not a corporate slave . Reading blogs is a major hobby of mine and i gotta say Kuwaiti blogs are the most ad infested .

  4. Speaking my Mind

    Funny, I am a dentist… Graduating on top of my Class from an elite University from the West .. Top of the Range.. Work my Self like a slave in the Gov. Sector and being judged because I don’t see 25 Patients a day because according to my superior, I am Machine that I should spend a Minimum of 15 minutes with every patient .. because they don’t want people to complain about our Slowness … Do now how a Dentist get paid ?? 1470 KD …

    Big Fat Mistake … No Appreciation , Complaints from patients because they wait for a Free Service and on top of the that .. my Shifts are over the place … Comparing to Medical Doctors Friends.. We do not set on the desk and write prescriptions .. No Hard feelings but Sometimes. I wish i was not one of the Top 10 of Kuwaiti Hugh School Graduates … I wish I was normal Kid who didn’t care about Grades .. .. Oh, well ..
    Need to Go as this Brainy Mind of mine has a class tomorrow win which , she will be presenting … Oh , Did I mention that I am preparing for my PhD .. and I bet you that when I arrive to Kuwait upon Graduation, I will be put to work like a slave Immediately ..

  5. Rax

    Please don’t generalize blogs like they’re all the same, they’re not. The price example you mentioned was very exaggerative. If you notice only a few blogs (probably less than 4) have 5+ banners, not even 10. The rest have 1 banner or 2 if they’re lucky. Being a blogger does not pay you much unless you’re super popular. Else you’d see every local blogger blog for a living. I know because I’ve met with a lot of bloggers.

      • Rax

        Like I said, the super popular ones have way more ad space than the rest, which is what your basing your price on (and I know for a fact some of them put ads for free for selected friends). Which makes your blog post very inaccurate since you’re generalizing blogs altogether.

  6. J.A.

    Agreed with Rad and do you even know that most companies don’t pay you the money? Not that they do it purposely, but because they have myriad things to take care of that they inadvertently forget to pay the blogger. That actually happened to me while I was in the game with 3 different companies. See 3 companies, 3 ads and that’s what makes bloggers “rich” and guess what? I didn’t get that money. That’s not the case all the time but me as a reader, I only follow blogs I think are authentic and interest me, so if someone likes a blog stuffed with YouTube videos, then hey what the heck let them follow that blog. In the end, whether we like it or not, the blogs with ads (plenty or not) are attracting a lot of people and although they may be faulty, they obviously have something that appeals to their followers. Frankly, doesn’t everyone make more or less money than they deserve? So why are we all of a sudden picking on poor good-natured bloggers? Let them enjoy their time whether they’re in it for the money or not.

  7. Ali Sleeq

    As much as that money would be nice in my pocket, I blog for the fun of it, and I am not intending to put ads ever.

    I\’m happy for the others who making a few bucks on the side… but for me I write what I want without having to please anyone to get more ads 🙂

    • Caesar Fernandes

      At the end of the day, like I mentioned in my last article here… Until corporate marketing and media managers open their eyes and realize they are being duped by local bloggers, things will continue to be the same. In fact, it may get worse.

      A very simple logical explanation below for all the folks who replied negatively to that article and are still in denial.

      Lets say on an average, a flat rate ad costs around KD 350 / mth for a local blog like the ones mentioned on this blog. That is 1245 USD. On an average, even the most popular blogs in Kuwait “DO NOT” get more than 6,000 visits/ day, no matter what they tell you. Trust me, I work with research agencies from Google, Nielsen and Forrester who already have all this data using transparent privacy sharing agreements with Hosting companies around the world. (Unfortunately, these naive bloggers forgot to read the privacy agreement before hitting “I accept”- lol.) For the sanctity of their data, I will not mention any names or illustrate examples.

      Now, lets say industry average conversion rates for most blogs are “0.40%” (Im being liberal here) . That is approximately 24- 40 click backs for every 6000 visitors. 40 x 30 (days)= 1200 visits from the ad back to the advertisers site. Out of those 1200, a standard on-site conversion rate is around 0.45%. That makes it 5 actual conversions to my service/ product.
      So, technically, as an advertiser in Kuwait, I have paid KD 350 to get 5 actual customers for the month. Regardless of how you see it this IS ACTUALLY how it works.

      Now, lets look at the smart advertiser. I have USD 1,245 in my hand. I open a google adwords account and create a display campaign using smart targeting options such as audience on demand tags, behaviour targeting and re-marketing. Using a cost per click model, I set my Cost per click at lets say, 0.45 cents. so technically at the end of the month I will have received 2,766 “quality” visitors with the potential of much higher conversion rates because of targeted ad content.

      Typical conversion rates for audience on demand is around 0.65%. This means that out of 2,766 visitors, I will get approx 540 click backs to my site. On site conversion rates for google target ads in most industries is around 0.50%. This means I will have converted approximately 27 customers for my money. If Im selling a product like an iPhone or an S3, that is KD 180 x 27, which is KD 4,860. KD 4860 is 17,576 USD.

      I’d say that is pretty damn good return on investment. 🙂

      Now its just a matter of everyone spreading the word of this comment to all advertisers in Kuwait! LOL.

      • Media Guru

        First I’m a an ex blogger and currently working in a local media company and we run advertising campaigns on regular basis. I’ve got to say that your assumptions are totally incorrect, several of the local bloggers over 12,000 visits per day (that’s double the number you gave above and you can check or ALEXA to confirm it) and many of the companies that advertise on blogs actually monitor the number of clicks that they receive and request Ad report every month to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with blogs, they also measure the impressions they get so they know where their money is going.

        Secondly, as a media specialist (and being neutral) if blogs charge 250KD for their top most banners then that’s ok, in papers we pay over 5,000KD-10,000KD for one day advertising (and who reads hard-copy of newspaper nowadays), on twitter we pay over 800KD for a single line tweet (140 characters) for those who got 70,000+ followers, bloggers have the banners displayed for 30 days for 250KD or so, that’s a good deal, they also advertise freely for many products and restaurants and services freely. Last but not least, I’m seeing that you are a blogger and also you are the one that bashes bloggers most, does that mean you are jealous or a total futile? Calm down work down your blog, promote it and get more traffic and you’ll get us to advertise on your blog too.

        • Caesar Fernandes

          You lost credibility as a media specialist the moment you mentioned sitelogiq and Alexa. Discussion closed. 🙂
          Lets talk when you’ve aquired development knowledge of how Google and double click’s algorithms work. Ive been featured as a success story on Google and yes my assumptions are completely correct because I know what Im talking about .

          12,000 visits per day for a local blog. You must be on something really special. Please do share !

          • Caesar Fernandes

            Another area of concern is the fact that you mentioned request ad reports . From dealing with media agencies in Kuwait, we all know how the “excel sheets” and “screenshots” are phony excuses to make money. Give us client access to your adwords / double click / Open X ad serving accounts.Ask any media agency in Kuwait to do that and they never will. Everywhere else in the world, agencies maintain transparency because they work on a commission model. Agencies in Kuwait are greedy and want high profit margins which is why they do not provide client access to real time report.
            As simple as that 🙂

          • KW12

            Caesar your right and everyone is stupid we get it LOOOOOOL get a life man! If you are into marketing you would know how much companies pay for different audiences on all different platforms from online to offline. But again your a sore loserrrrr ..Anyways meet up with a few agencies you will know what we are talking about! I think you should spread the passion of not paying bloggers since it’s a huge issue for you!

      • KW12

        LOOOOOOL OMG! Your are to jealous Yahahahah this is too funny! Why don’t you go to the government and tell them about the different salaries and what you think is fair and not, or go to different companies and tell them what they should and shouldn’t pay! If you have issues with a few blogs and the money making just say it. Just say that you hate that they are making money because you don’t like what they post and are jealous. Have you noticed that most of the blogs with ads, have the same ads for a few months or even years? So you think that the advertising company who renews there ads are only depend on the stats given by a simple blog?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will not pay $$$ a month for a year or so if they don’t see anything in return! Also if all these “stupid” companies that you are talking about were given a price and they accepted, it’s not your business or anyone’s. It’s purely a contract between the company & blogger. They have a right to say NO. If i was advertising on a blog, especially if i was a BIG company i would not just throw my money to any blog and usually they approach the blogs! Also most BIG companies hire agencies which are purely for online ads or offline marketing. They probably are very careful not to make these mistakes. Weird how you are obsessed with the money making man. If you stop with the “7asad” maybe Allah open it for you too 🙂

  8. None

    Obsessed with money much? You already posted about the money making in different posts… 😉 if you need some cash we can help u out you know 😉 BTW you think the blogger will remove the ads or do you think the advertisers will stop giving them money after this post 🙂 anyone who reads your blog will know instantly you are just jealous and a very poor sport 🙂

  9. Media Guru

    KBS you clearly have some serious jealousy issues. I used to be a blogger and currently working in a media company and we run advertising campaigns regularly whether it’s blogs, papers, TV, even twitter.

    I think bloggers are pricing reasonably when compared to other advertising media, in twitter we sometimes pay over 800KD for one single advertising tweet (140 characters) from those who got 70,000+ followers, on the other hand most bloggers get 250kd per month for the top banners, however some blogs charge over 800KD for the top banners but those are exceptions, and that’s still ok when compared to advertising prices of magazines, newspaper, or twitter. most bloggers advertise freely for many of the products, restaurants, services that they post about (248am charges for certain reviews) but others did not ask money for posting. Anyone can open a blog and have ad spaces placed but companies care about popularity, integrity and content so blog like yours is unlikely to get advertisements unless you modify the content I suppose.

    • Wizurrr

      oh my god, we got it! we got that you are an ex-blogger, man who gives a shit!!! pipe down boy!
      Media Guru, Puleeeeeeeeeaaaase man. I see a lot of numbers in your novel, i mean comment, that does not mean you know your shit. For all I care you run one of those money hungry blogs and you’re indirectly trying to justify this day light robbery. Same goes to that other illiterate KW12, man my parrot can speak better English than you do and he only knows 5 words lol.

  10. GreY

    First, I can’t understand why anyone should be upset if someone is making money out of blogs. Be it 27KD or 2,700KD a month, What’s wrong if someone turned Pro Blogger and earns shitload of money as long as he is not stealing from you & me. I don’t see why anyone should be jealous if a blogger is copy pasting reviews. Aren’t there other people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD writing reviews of the same product? or you won’t buy a product unless reviewed by a Kuwait based blogger?

    Second, If you don’t like Mark or Banana’s reviews don’t visit their page, it’s not like Mark is holding a gun to your head to visit his blog. Come on! Shitload of people think Justin Beiber should be executed for his singing talent, lady Gaga should be burned alive, but everytime I visit Pinkberry in Marina Mall, I see the Pinkberry staff blasting ‘Baby Baby’ having a good time.

    Point is, you don’t like someone is making money from blogs because they don’t have the quality or they don’t pass your level of high standards, stop cribbing, start your own blog. Do some PR, if it doesn’t work STFU and go back to your day job.

    Finally, If your live-in maid is paid 60KD a month you are robbing that poor lady, that’s bloody wrong, you need to start paying her more.

      • GreY

        That’s very kind of you to pay her well, very few people are generous when it comes to paying maids, my Aunt worked for a Kuwaiti family for 27years, raised the kids and the grandchildren, even this day they pay salary to my aunt who moved back to India 2years ago. That’s a very rare thing compared to the news you hear everyday ‘maid plunged to death’.

    • Rax

      “you don’t like someone is making money from blogs because they don’t have the quality or they don’t pass your level of high standards, stop cribbing, start your own blog. Do some PR, if it doesn’t work STFU and go back to your day job.”

      Gold. I don’t get why all this drama is taking place.

  11. Caesar Fernandes

    For all the people on this blog who believe in transparency and “real” roi , please do share my explanation of conversion rates and ROI with any advertiser you know in Kuwait that invests in online advertising!
    Let’s put these phones to rest.

    • Media Guru

      Caser Fernandes (AKA Kuwait Music) is a total loser, we can see that from his obviously negative comments on here, I just checked your site traffic and the result is: is getting an estimated 1,327 page views per day (average Kuwait blogs get 6,000 – 12,000 visits per day), so your visits are really low but it can be enhanced with better content and better promotion, I say spend more time on increasing your site visits more than you spend time bashing others and being merely jealous here. We can help you achieve your goals if you like after all our job is to promote businesses. Peace!

      • 965malls

        Media Guru – relying on this website is a crime, our numbers are not relevant at all to this site:
        what caesar is saying is true, but this whole subject is misunderstood as the players are too any.
        A- Let me first speak as a blogger:
        1- Alexa sucks! i have recently experienced how sucks it is and no need to read any review or indulge in futile numbers. We have a website that has 1% the traffic of 965malls and is currently ahead on Alexa ratings, as for sitelogin, it scks even more as it also puts that website ahead of 965malls with almost 4000 visits a day!!!
        2- Those rate cards that you see are a starting rate, negotiate and you get crazy discounts
        3- A lot of these ads are for free. Some blogs simply display ads to piggy bank on other clients
        4- Media agencies or MBUs control advertising and they advertise on blogs with low traffic, or money hungry. What they do is getting banners for peanuts, and sell them to clients for a fortune. So the blogger gets this.. (use your imagination)
        5- Now you have the DMP or digital media representative. These guys build networks by taking control of advertising on your blog. What they do is strike a deal with you to put banners in, but they don’t commit to a number, it’s always on a profit sharing basis. They too want to suck the blogger’s blood and make sure they control the game as they control the client with these networks.
        6- If you are a decent blogger who refuses to give crazy discounts or give in to the networks, you end up just like us, with no advertising. What we have on our blog is FREE BANNERS FOR A VERY CLOSE FRIEND WHOM WE OWE A LOT OF RESPECT.

        B- As an advertising professional and a client
        1- Conversions: I’ve always been in adverting and media is something i know it inside out. Before advertising on a blog, one has to set his objectives. Agree with you Caesar, if i’m only looking at conversions, i will never advertise on a blog. And that’s the strategy i am currently following where i work.
        2- Impressions: Sometimes you have to look at impressions to, or simply at presence, or awareness. Depending on the objective or product, i may advertise on a blog, and if i do, i make sure it delivers impact. I’d go with home takeover or anything similar.

        Finally, i’d like to say that advertising for bloggers is a serious headache, only a handful of bloggers make money, the rest barely cover the cost of their car lease. And by the way, good luck in knowing the traffic on any given blog. With complete transparency, our daily visitor’s average is less than 600/day and according to alexa and sitelogiq, our numbers are in thousands – who else dares to reveals his true numbers?

      • Wizurrr

        yo, you forgot to mention that you’re an ex-blogger.

        Guys, careful Media Guru is an ex-blogger. You heard it here first!

  12. Burhun

    Don’t be fooled by Caeser just because he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, he spews a lot of rubbish just to try and seem credible. There are blogs in Kuwait that do get 10,000+ views a day, with an average of about 200,000+ visitors a month. It’s not even difficult to find out how many they get, just email them and the majority of the time they’ll reply back with proper proof.

    Secondly. You guys are complaining about these blogs making a lot of money, but at the end of the day it’s cheaper to advertise on blogs then it is to advertise in newspapers and magazines, especially since your ad will usually stay up for a month on a blog, where as in a newspaper or magazine it’s just for one issue. So if you have a blog that gets 6,000 to 15,000 page views a day consistently then it’d be a smart move to place adverts on your blog.

    Now everyone seems to complain about the shitty content on these blogs, but these blogs wouldn’t be popular if people didn’t visit them. As much as we might dislike certain popular blogs out there, there are even more people who really like them. So who are we to judge? You think Ansam is going to come to this page and see all these criticisms and change anything? Nope. Why would she if she’s still popular? Some bloggers deserve to get paid and deserve their popularity for either being around for so long, trying to highlight certain issues in Kuwait and other bloggers basically have an online tabloid.

    At the end of the day, if you guys are pissed off some of these guys are getting paid, why don’t you start a blog, write about what you find interesting, try to get popular, put adverts on your blog and get paid? Blogging is more challenging then it seems, because if it was as easy as some of you think it is, then most of you wouldn’t be in this comment section, but blogging and getting paid for it.

  13. Confused

    I think i should start blogging also…..with this amount of money i can easily send my kids to most expensive schools.

  14. hanse!

    A Blog is a blog, is a Blog
    None of these things matter .. c’mon !!!! to each his own !!!
    Wise a** Chinese proverb for the day ” One mustn’t take things to heart all the time, else he becomes an old fart”
    Just read, chill, then read and chill again !

  15. itisgettinghotinhere

    Most of us log onto these blogs to see what is happening in Kuwait, what is new in town, food outlets, shops etc. Hardly anyone checks these blogs out for serious movie or equipment reviews or for matters pertaining to culture or serious opinion. I do check out reviews on equipment etc because these bloggers add a local touch to the item reviewed. It is useful to find out what will or will not work in Kuwait since most of the gadgets etc are released elsewhere and come into Kuwait much later. Even then, I follow up with checking reviews on other professional sites. Food reviews, I check them out for the pictures. They speak a thousand words and can get a message across far more effectively than the review put forth by that blogger.
    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked and advertisement tab on any blog so I am not sure how many of these visits end up as actual purchases of the service being offered.
    From all the comments here I gather if anyone needs to improve it is the local media companies and their advertisement strategies to get best bang for the buck.
    On a side note, I do feel there is a large opportunity that is being missed by these bloggers – stories of human interest – localized. The local press hardly does any.

    • makethisplacebetter

      Exactly, stop catering to the lowest common denominator always. And don’t assume all of us fall into this bracket.
      This applies to the local English FM channel too. And newspapers too. We’ve seen too much of this cut,copy paste trend all over. Do give due credit to the listener/reader’s intelligence.
      What do we have to do to get a decent English language daily here? When can we get a paper like The National published out of Abu Dhabi or a quality FM station like some of them based in Dubai. They cater to so many diverse audiences out there. This one glove fits all needs to go.

  16. Dudette

    Ok first of all .. I think your blog rocks 😛 it’s just adding humor to the blogging field here .. and whatever you have to say about anyone of us .. trust me I would just laugh it off and some points are so true btw 😛
    Secondly Ceaser dude .. chill 😛 If you still work in the same place you always worked at ..You guys charge a fortune 😛 .. triple what blogs get btw , even though you think blogging here is not as effective .. some people enjoy visiting blogs like you enjoy visiting this one 😛 there’s a personal element to it .. I agree with you on some blogs that copy paste and add press releases on blogs .. but don’t judge just that .. some blogs actually do work hard for their posts .. and we personally don’t deal with agencies because they are a rip off 😛

  17. Jake-The-Snake

    As a person working in the media field I have to disagree with a lot of what Caesar has put forth. From what I have been told Caesar was an IT guy working at a local web design company before moving to Alghanim and now jobless? I don’t know but in any case…

    Google isn’t the answer to everything. Google is just one element of a larger media plan and having your whole digital plan focused just on Google is just the easy way to go about it and not the best way.

    Regarding the prices of the banners on the blogs, as someone previously mentioned above it might sound like a lot but for our clients it’s not. A colored newspaper advert in a random page would cost around KD1,000 for just a single day. How many impressions would that ad get and what kind of people still read the newspapers? Now consider for a quarter of that amount a client can place a banner on a blog for the whole month. How many impressions would that get and what kind of people read blogs? Then you consider the fact that you could track an online banner, you can tell how many impressions it gets and to top it off you can have the banner link to your website or Facebook and you already have an advantage over newspapers.

    In the rest of the world digital has overtaken offline media. In Kuwait we are behind but catching up. Right now there aren’t that many online local channels to advertise on other than blogs and online editions of the newspapers.

    Now you might notice a blog that isn’t so popular that contains ads. A lot of times bloggers contact us asking for banners to place on their site. They believe if a client sees an advertiser they might get the impression it’s worth advertising on the blog. Doesn’t work that way really. Another thing is a lot of bloggers keep the banners on the blog even after the campaign is over. Again its to try and show people they have advertisers.

    Some blogs are transparent and provide us with access to their google analytics while others don’t. We don’t deal with the others. I’m surprised a lot of you believe we media people can be taken advantage of. Excel sheets mean nothing to us since anyone can edit that. We require direct access.

    Finally some Kuwaiti bloggers get paid to post photos on instagram and twitter. Prices vary but a few get around KD600 for a retweet if you believe that.

    If you guys have any questions jsut ask me and I will try to answer them.

    • Just sayin'..

      Regarding your info about Caesar:
      1- worked for one of the top web SOLUTIONS companies in Kuwait. actually, google those words and it will be the #1 result on the results list (which is btw.. Thanks to his SEO efforts)
      2- you’ve got it right with al ghanim but,
      3- he’s not jobless. Whoever told you that needs an update. I have heard that he works at.. No. Let him decide whether he wants to disclose that info to a bunch of kids running around claiming that everyone who has an opposite opinion is a jealous and sore loser. grow up, will you?! People have opinions and we don’t have to agree with eachother but the attitude you people have is the equivalent of an attitude of a fat 5 year old brat.
      And hey, if y’all hate this blog so much, why do you keep on coming back?! You guys are doing kbs a great favor by generating more traffic. 😀
      I don’t read any other blogs but KBS now cuz just like you all said: if you don’t like it, stay the fuck out. Now, GTFO. 😛

      • Ryan gg

        Thanks just sayin …
        It’s so sad to see folks with absolutely no achievements or experience babble on about the web . I tried to help – now it’s time for action – copy and paste my explanation on conversion rates to all advertisers in Kuwait – no media agency wants to accept it because if will hit them hard , and I’ll make sure it does 🙂

    • Just sayin'

      Correction: second on google search results. See what happened when he left? :p
      And btw: the fact that you are working in a media / advertising company (sorry didn’t catch that) and displaying info regarding which blogger gets paid for what they blog/ tweet or not is not cool. You sound like a scumbag and I would totally fire you for disclosing such information to public. I hope your contract didn’t have a confidentiality clause cuz man, would they screw you. Just sayin’..

      • Caesar

        Very good point just sayin … The fact that this guru is revealing information about companies goes agaisnt every non disclosure clause there is . I already know who the person is from doing a bit of data extraction but this is a blog at the end of the day and I will keep the identity secret out of respect for opinion and nothing else .

    • Caesar

      Ha , this is getting funnier everytime I come here – to begin with Im not an “it guy ” – I’ve worked for some of the biggest companies in the world including gm , google abd lee jeans developing and in some cases leading web projects abd businesses foe the last 16 years . Secondly I’m not jobless abd enjoy what I do with a passion , unlike most of the bloggers in Kuwait . Thirdly the data mr media scam , I mean man , quoted about Kuwait music is absolutely incorrect . When you have you blog or any of your clients interviewed as a direct result of your work on the wields biggest news channel , then come and well talk .

      To everyone else who believe that scamming bloggers must be exposed simply copy and paste my conversion rate explanation to all companies you know . The rest as they say is all flaming , which I am used to from the time java chats and mrc relays were down in the 90s . This is nothing new .

      Cheers everyone and long live a creative Internet 🙂

  18. marius2680

    this is the world we live in……you must adapt …if there is a market for this,why not someone to take advantage ? ok….not fair that a blogger gain more than an engineer or a technician or a doctor….etc.etc.etc. ,but nobody force you to visit their blogs….
    me….i never notice the ads on the blogs,never bought something after i saw the ads on blogs,newspapers or tv….
    soooo….we live in a free world (more or less) and it’s your right to chosse ….visit or not !!!…..the blogs we talking about here…

  19. Jake-The-Snake

    marius2680: It’s not fair that a basketball player earns millions while a doctor doesn’t. This is how things work.

  20. Jake-The-Snake

    Here is the list of bloggers who are paid to post/tweet/instagram. They are listed in alphabetical order:

    248am – No paid posts accepted, no paid tweets, no paid instagram
    Aboflan – Paid post, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    Ansam – Works for MMC (LeNotre etc..) hence why she was advertising them every single day during Ramadan
    Frankom – Post included with banner, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    iLsultana – Paid post, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    Khaleejesque – No paid posts accepted, no paid tweets, no paid instagram
    Meenakon – Paid post, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    Omarker – Paid post, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    p0ach – No paid posts accepted, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram
    Pink Girl Q8 – Paid post, Paid Tweet, Paid Instagram

    Our clients aren’t interested in other blogs (other media companies might be). His&Hers, 360 Dewan and 7ajiDude were popular last year but this year no one has requested them.

    Depending on my mood at the office tomorrow I might send KBS a full list of celebrity Kuwaiti tweeters (non bloggers) and their cost for tweets/retweets. If you thought bloggers made money you haven’t seen anything yet.

    Has anyone noticed this has turned into a IAmA?

    • N.A.S

      How do your clients choose these blogs? They come to you with a list that they want to advertise with them? Also do clients prefer advertising on blogs that are related to the business they are running..Food-ilsultana, tech- 248am, fashion- Confashions? or it doesn’t matter?

      • Jake-The-Snake

        N.A.S: Sometimes a client is a fan of a blog so he comes to us requesting we place a banner for him there. Other times a client has a campaign and we propose digital media alongside traditional media and so we provide them we 3 or 5 blogs (along with other online options) that will give them the highest visibility.

        Only a few blogs are segmented by topic and Confashions is one of them. nearly all blogs including ilsultana and 248am publish general topics.

  21. Pingback: Jake-The-Snake Shares What Kuwait Bloggers Get Paid For « Kuwait Blogs Suck!
  22. Narine

    My 2 fils.

    Obviously the audience in Kuwait cares about crap. Isn’t that why Layalina magazine (full of photos lol) is popular? Cuz the average kuwaiti/resident in kuwait (I don’t want to generalize) is NOT interested in quality material because they are empty people. How can you expect someone who is not an intellectual to enjoy quality blogs?

    Hey media guru, or whatchamacallit… while I’m not saying we have the best popular blogs in Kuwait (which is really difficult to achieve with the retards being your audience) but it’s really alarming to see which blogs are popular!! I mean hahahhaha, buahhahahha, hiiiisihihihih, (sorry mad cow disease due to the viruses the local blogs carry i’m catching these diseases). yeah what was I saying? oh yeah, I said it’s alarming to see such blogs popular. Kuwait cannot progress because the people do not encourage anything creative.
    Oh wait, speaking about creative, when was the last time you saw a creative outdoor ad or a sticker on a bus? oops sorry we are in kuwait, we copy things because the average IQ of a person living in Kuwait is lower than the standard so the messages have to be direct and clear, hence ads that have an image of a person and title that is NOT SO intriguing.
    anyways back to our topic. blogs right? yeah I think to be on top of the blogs ladder in Kuwait you need to get more flexible and drop some ethics, and some principles that you have in life.

    If you want to be popular be a joker.
    disclaimer: not all popular blogs suck, and not all blogs that suck belong to Kuwaitis. Finally NOT ALL blogs suck. I love 965 malls (for the controversial topics he posts about), I love His & Hers (for their personal language), and I love WhyNotQ8 (for sticking to sketching). Oh did I say I love Frankom? nice scrambled eggs dude! made me want to make some now!

    one stupid expat (oops i’m being racist to expats)

  23. Jacko

    “We are strong believers in positioning , recognition , brand values and consistency …”
    “…maintain a consistent brand experience for our visitors through stringent brand guidelines ( online and offline ) and make sure our message abd values are present in everything we do .”

    Meaningless corporate bollocks. FOAD.

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