1. Jake-The-Snake

    You’re an English major? When I said paid to tweet I meant they get paid to tweet about companies or get paid to post ads on their instragram. If Dalal opened a Cup Cake business she can pay the bloggers to post about it tweet about it and post a picture about it.

  2. Jahu

    Why are you surprised?
    when you have monkeys running the blogsphere here, the only thing that makes sense to them is bananas.

    Stop fighting bananas with bananas. It will be futile.

    • makethisplacebetter

      “Exactly, stop catering to the lowest common denominator always. And don’t assume all of us fall into this bracket.
      This applies to the local English FM channel too. And newspapers too. We’ve seen too much of this cut,copy paste trend all over. Do give due credit to the listener/reader’s intelligence.
      What do we have to do to get a decent English language daily here? When can we get a paper like The National published out of Abu Dhabi or a quality FM station like some of them based in Dubai. They cater to so many diverse audiences out there. This one glove fits all needs to go.”*
      *Wrote this in another post too but I’d like to repeat it here since it is relevant

      • Klonk

        What do ethics or code have to do with anything? If you get enough visitors and you work hard on your blog, why not get paid? Not all bloggers who make a living off their sites are idiots or douchebags or “sell-outs”. If you can pull it off, do it.

        • JJ

          It is unethical and in many countries illegal (especially TV) to mix content (news, editorials…etc.) with advertising. Posting reviews without stating they are in fact paid advertisements is a killer to a medium’s credibility because it’s deceitful. In the USA it is subject to hefty fines and possibly license suspension for a TV network to do this. Personal blogs, however, are unregulated, so it’s a matter of ethics and credibility. Ask yourself this question: Would I trust a blogger’s review of a restaurant if I knew he or she is getting paid for it? Only a fool would answer yes.

          • Klonk

            I’m not sure why you would bring television into this when we’re just strictly talking blogs.

            Getting paid to have ad’s on your blog shouldn’t ben an issue or a “sell-out” point as long as what you blog about doesn’t interfere with advertisement. There are ways to be credible and make income, it’s not impossible. There are bloggers who pull it off and the readers need to be intelligent about it. Obviously if a blog has a huge banner advertising Chilis and they review Chilis and give them 5 stars out of 5, something is off. But usually, the good blogs keep away from blogging about anyone advertising on their blog.

            • Q8GEEK

              Your point is valid in many cases like Engadget and Gizmodo for example (Noting that they’re actually biased in some reviews).

              However, we all have different views about ads.

              I personally have a reputation of not having ads and I tend to keep it that way (I got threatened by friends that if I did put ads, they’ll take away all my nyancat trophies!).

              When it comes to credibility, what makes you believe that “My review of Apple Keynote”, coming from someone who knows jack shit about technology other than using it, is credible? Or “My review of the upcoming iPad” and they didn’t have a hands on? And when they do, “OMG ITS THE BEST THING EVAAARRRR!!!ONE1!ONEONETWOTHREEHADOUKEN!!” without mentioning why its the best thing evaaar!! (Many said the same thing about iPad2 and The new iPad. The new one sucks more than iPad2. I know because I have both of them… The heat from the new iPad is a annoying).

              In some cases, local blogs have some credibility when it comes to food, attending events (Which they’re invited to and mostly asked to put good words for… I know because it happened to me and I had to go Switzerland [Don’t remember where I read that but I like it :P]). But when it comes to technical stuff for example (Like, softcore or hardcore technical stuff), would you go for their opinion (Noting that most of local bloggers are fanatics and lack real technical experience and knowledge) or people who actually strip down a device to tell you what clicks inside?

            • JJ

              Read my post again. I am not talking about getting paid to advertise because that’s a perfectly legitimate activity. I am talking about getting paid to write favorable “content” without disclosing the fact. Let me be even more concrete; having a Chilli’s banner on your blog & getting paid for it is OK, writing a favorable review (content) about Chilli’s because you’re getting paid for it and not saying so is BAD. Advertising and content are different and separate. It’s in any Journalism 101 textbook. If you still don’t get my point, then you’re either a troll or you have a skull thicker than a bank’s vault.

            • Klonk


              What should make a review credible isn’t necessarily where it’s coming from (like Gizmodo) but who the writer is. You check the authors history and see the kinds of articles he’s posted before-hand and if he seems credible enough, then you know who is reliable and who isn’t. The same thing can be said about bloggers. Obviously if you go to Jacqui’s blog, you obviously wont get a credible review of an Apple product because she’s obviously a fangirl. But there are blogs in Kuwait who review things well and do so in a manner where they discuss the positives and negatives.

              In those cases, what’s wrong with placing advertisements? As long as the blogger actively keeps his advertisements away from his blogposts (as in, not writing about his advertisers) then what’s the issue? Q8Geek if you get more than 5 or 6,000 views a day put advertisements up on your website, make some money, there’s nothing wrong with that. Go for it.


              You weren’t that clear in your first post. But in this case you were and I agree.


    Things I post about are pretty much all paid for because they are my own videos that people pay me to make for them lol. But I would not take money to blog about something and say it was super awesome. Would I take free film equipment and blog about it? Fuck yeah I would. But I would be unbiased and report honestly on it. Like my Panasonic GH2. The data record rate is insane and the quality of the image is without equal. But using the stock lenses and not some high quality glass keeps the images captured from being truly great without post production editing. Would I change it for a Cannon or Nikon hell no. Do I wish they had better glass hell yes. There is nothing wrong with doing things for receiving stuff so long as you do it with integrity. Disclaimer – I have bever received anything for free but I wish I did!

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