1. dOwned

    I always felt this guy was full of gibberish. This just further proves my point. Talks about the lack of quality in the local blogoshere then goes and steels content. Not once, but many times.

  2. Butters

    LOL. Caesar yal maskhara!
    I guess his blog falls under classification number 4 on his classification link (his post on KBS)
    4. The newspaper cut outs: Blogs that purely exist to copy and paste text from news portals like Kuna, Arab times and Al Rai.
    or number 8. The ugly Copy-Pasta: Blogs that steal content and post it as their own with no remorse and trash talks other bloggers.

  3. Omar_S

    You should know for a FACT that an offensive or scandalous critic is a hypocrite, especially if he/she is actively seeking to criticize others. I’ve seen this throughout my whole life.

  4. Wizurrr

    There I was thinking this dude knows his shit when it comes to music. Turns out that dude is an even better “Copy-paster” than Umkhaloodie lol

  5. Wizurrr

    Too late now, I already called your ass out on this excuse, you best come up with a much better excuse or never show your face around these parts, you ain’t welcome no more.

  6. RimbaMamba

    Wahahahahaha Ceaser SUCKS ! all that talking he did and he’s the worse WAHAHAHAH

    he knows nothing about music and he can change his blog to kuwait-copy-paste.com HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. crazyinkuwait

    Finally! After all of his mumbo jumbo and pages of comments he got busted! hehehe ass welcome to the club! Whatcha got to say huh? He’s usually first in line to comment and yet he’s MIA when it comes to him getting it…. waiting……..

  8. RimbaMamba

    His wife was saying about Kuwait’s IQ level is less than average. seems Caeser is the first of them because he can’t even write his own articles hahahahaha

  9. J.A.

    My my my. This is getting interesting by the minute. I thought nothing could beat the Crazyyetwise post but man am I wrong. He’s probably writing an article justifying his crime and how he’s not guilty. Or he’s dug up a hole to live there. Man, pass me some popcorn Grey.

  10. MOE

    Written By Caesar in a previous post in KBS:

    September 9, 2012 – 8:26 pm Caesar
    “Kuwait music is probably the only brand that is based on a blogging platform . We are strong believers in positioning , recognition , brand values and consistency . We are a niche site and unlike many other blogs , were the first to do a heavy online marketing campaign for ourselves when we first launched , send out regular branded newsletters , maintain a consistent brand experience for our visitors through stringent brand guidelines ( online and offline ) and make sure our message abd values are present in everything we do .”

  11. alfalfa

    ‘And Caesar’s spirit, raging for revenge,
    With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
    Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
    Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,’
    (source….mmmm Shakespeare….Act III Scene I )

  12. None

    I wonder what BBC would think of this? The interview which he uses as a come back on every comment….maybe we should explain this issue to them ?

  13. TheSpellChecker

    ”Watch the unvelieving of the iPhone 5 Live!”

    Caesars latest post- anyone notice that spelling error? And he thinks half of Kuwait have a low IQ?

    Unvelieving ?? Roflmao.

  14. John

    Oh Caesar… Oh Caesar where art thou?? Why have thee forsaken us and run to hide in thy shameful misery ??? Thy holier than thou and I know better than thee mouth is greatly missed…, Surely by great Google thou can find something of wit to address thy transgressions??? ROFL 😉

    Sorry guys I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  15. RimbaMamba

    Caeser posted million of posts in the pas 2 days just to cover up those exposed posts 😉 , He must’ve googled how to cover up my shit 😛

  16. Android addict

    Tomorrow will be interesting. Let’s see how ‘original’ bloggers can be. It’s going to be all apple, apple, apple.
    One blog has already posted four times about the event………

  17. crazyinkuwait.blogspot.com

    I think cheezer, I mean Caeser kidnapped her and has her tied up somewhere torturing with his Karaoke version of “why can’t we be friends”…hehehe Or he’s got her locked up in his secret sweatshop having her copy and paste other people’s work to his website…… knock, knock, anyone home??

  18. YoMama

    mind you, Caesar has never been cool. He’s weird, just like the rest of the population.. and not the good weird too.

  19. rexshevian

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