Bloggers Call to Arms. Seperate yourself from the shit! Join Kuwait Free Bloggers!

I’m sick of the bloggers posting their fake reviews and getting paid for it. But how do we combat this? How do we know which bloggers can be trusted? That’s why I’m going to kick start the Kuwait Free Bloggers club.

If you don’t get paid for tweets, taking instagram photos, or advertising products for a company through fake reviews, and instead post legitimate, unbiased and unpaid for ones instead, you’re entitled to join this club. All you have to do is grab this image and link it back to this page. Try to keep the image on your sidebar towards top so it’s easily seen. If you need a different size or even a newer and better design, please email me. I just threw this together in paint.

A list will be kept here of legitimate bloggers who meet the criteria of being in the Kuwait Free Bloggers club. If you do not find the bloggers name here at this page then consider them not legitimate. If you join in, email me to verify you wanting to join so I can list you here.

Kuwait Free Bloggers members:

Rules to join club:

1. You cannot be sponsored by or on a payroll of a company.

2. You cannot have ad spaces for sale.

3. You cannot be payed for doing a review

4. Google adsense is okay.

What are you waiting for? Let’s point people in the direction of the sites that deserve traffic and stop paying advertising blogs!



  1. Mohd

    Welcome Back šŸ™‚

    Thats an awesome idea but how could u make sure that bloggers r not getting paid for tweets ?
    they might join the club remove their ads and raise the prices of tweets & fake reviews

  2. Q8GEEK

    Try to actually do this:
    Create a page and list those who adds that tag to their website there instead of this post. A post will go by time, a page won’t.

    I’m adding it as I type šŸ˜€

  3. jaguar knee

    this is a way to get more visit to this blog to get paid more money later
    shame on you kubsu (kuwait-blog-suck) … shame on you

  4. Klonk

    This doesn’t make sense.
    So basically, people can join this club if they’re not making any sort of income off of blogging. So professional bloggers are automatically barred under the assumption that they’re all getting paid “under the table”?
    I fail to see how this will change anything.

    • Klonk

      Oh and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this and try to change things. Go for it. But if you want to be taken seriously you have to put some serious thought into this and into your “Rules”.


    for someone who keeps on bashing people for slepping..u repeated the word “unpayed” several times..theyre still up there lol

  6. ohk85

    This is a really great initiative you’re starting there, however I think you’re approaching it the wrong way with some of your rules. If you have a successful legitimate blog, there is nothing wrong with having some ad spaces to earn a bit of extra cash. I mean, who wouldn’t? Especially if you dedicated yourself to blogging as a full-time or even part-time thing, how else are you supposed to make your income?

    I think a modification to that rule can be that bloggers can have ad spaces, however, they can not post reviews and/or make recommendations regarding products or services associated with a company that is occupying an ad space. That way it is much more realistic and achievable. This is a great idea it just needs to be accessible and feasible for bloggers so they can actually reconsider the way they’re blogging and become legitimate, while at the same time abiding by some standards to maintain their legitimacy.

    I love this idea and it can work out great, you just need to work on it more. Great job!!

    • kuwaitblogssuck

      Oh yeah that’s totally a good idea… NOT.

      A good example of this is Mark. He ranted and raved about fatburger and how much it sexed his mouth before they opened, and then, all of a sudden, he has an advertisement for them on the ride side of his site and he didn’t post ANY review for Fatburger when it opened up. See how that doesn’t make it work? He didn’t post a review because Fatburger in Kuwait is shit. I went there and wanted to fucking cry because of how bad the burger is… but Mark didn’t post a single thing about it because fatburger is paying his electricity bill.


    All this time away and this is all you could come up with? Boo Hiss Hiss…. Who really cares if someone is getting paid or not, I’m not jealous if they are making money off something so easy. Get in where you fit in. Now, let’s get back to the bashing instead of the jealousy.

  8. owlolive

    Aye. Once again, this blog unfortunately proves itself more flawed and ‘troll-y’ than useful and critical. There are many, MANY respectable, well-intentioned, hardworking bloggers both within Kuwait and beyond its borders. Taking the time out of your already busy day to make a worthwhile post with a strong personal voice day after day AFTER DAY is hard work and, in many cases, can be as hard as doing an actual job. Yet bloggers do this because they are committed to sustaining a relationship with their readers and are committed to providing information, news, and unique outlooks.

    These hardworking bloggers have finances too and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a little help in order to enable these bloggers to continue blogging efficiently. I made a post about this misconception that has plagued the image of bloggers in Kuwait’s society in which people harbor under the immediate belief that if a blogger (no matter who they are) makes any money off of blogging then they are a rotten egg. I used Danderma as an example of this as I find that she is one of the few bloggers in Kuwait that completely deserves any amount of revenue she makes off of advertisements, sponsors, and what have you. (here’s the post –>

    I don’t currently benefit off of advertisments or sponsorships and I don’t currently have any ad spaces on But I will soon (with the upcoming redesign) and if I am blessed enough to be able to benefit from these completely legitimate and hard-earned resources I won’t apologize for it. Nor will I allow anyone to publicly shame me and spew general falsehoods about my intentions and my integrity because of it as you seem to be doing with this ‘club.’

    • YOU SUCK

      oh spare us…bloggers blog cuz they have the urge of being heard..u people r attention seekers…and most of u do it for the money…none of u is “COMMITTED” to “providing information” so please dont act like bloggers are modern day prophets

      • owlolive

        Oh my. You just dug yourself a hole there, my friend.

        Speaking from personal experience and as a Kuwaiti blogger who has humbly garnered a respectable following in the last few months let me tell you this: I have NEVER made, nor will I ever make, a single post that comprises of the filler garbage (random Youtube videos, press releases, posters) that a good majority of Kuwait’s blogosphere partakes in. I make it a point to include my own personal voice and to share something truly worthwhile with my readers in EVERY SINGLE POST. This is why, on average, most of my posts number within the 500 word range at least. I have never accepted a single freebie for product review, free restaurant/services invites, or anything of the like. The only time I do review Kuwaiti products is in my ‘Frugal Approval’ posts in which I explicitly state that I am reviewing something I have completely paid for and that I do not get a single thing out of. I am an open critic of Kuwait’s blogosphere and have made several posts on the subject of the many flaws from which the blogosphere truly and critically suffers.

        If you had taken the time to so much as glance at my blog you would have known this. But instead you chose to generalize and hurl your brand of hilariously asinine bull at me. Thanks for that–you made me chuckle.

        I never acted like bloggers were ‘modern day prophets’ (Good one, by the way! Zing!) nor did I say that there wasn’t a category of bloggers who really do only care about making money. I have criticized these types of bloggers openly on my own blog time and again. But, as one blogger who honestly cares about putting out quality material for my readers, I know for a fact how much time and effort it can take to keep that kind of content going consistently on a day to day basis. It can be very energy consuming… Y’know something like an actual job in which you get paid for your efforts.

        And, I can give you a respectable list of bloggers who also put out personal, quality material on their blogs while also running busy lives that include families, responsibilities, and finances. THOSE KINDS of bloggers deserve to be supported and acknowledged, both financially and otherwise.

        Now, how’s the view looking from down there?

        • YOU SUCK

          bla bla bla…bla bla..bla..

          making a boring ass long reply does not mean it is full of facts..and saying that u have not and will not make a post that contains fillers garbage, doesnt make ur claim true…cuz once u start making money out of ur blog u will stick ur tongue out and hop on one foot if ur sponsor tells u so…
          im glad i made u chuckle..i wish u had the same effect on ur holier than thou attitude made me puke a little..
          as for the view from down there? down where exactly?? down at the honest working people abyss?? the view is just fine and dandy thanks for asking…now go make money off of people selling junk food to an already diabetic population (aka blood money)

          • owlolive

            You know, you must be in a real corner if all you can come up with is more baseless insults.

            I’m not ‘claiming’ anything. Nor am I being ‘holier-than-thou.’ (Another good one! Really. Inspired!) All I did was talk about my blogging expreriences and how I like to run my blog with integrity & maintain a personal connection with my readers.

            And, yes, these are ‘facts’ because my blog speaks for itself. If you can find a single post on the blog that speaks to the contrary of what I have previously mentioned in the other reply, I’d cut off an arm and a leg.

            And if I sound proud, it’s because I am. I’m proud of the fact that I was able to continuously stay true to myself and was able to make a strong connection with my readers since I’ve started.

            Please do not cross a line and insult me by laying claims to my future intentions and the honesty of my integrity. You don’t know me and you don’t know how I run my blog. If anything, the logical reasoning would be to look at my past blogging habits as an indication of how I’m going to continue running the blog. I will not allow you to cross this line as the reputation of my integrity is very important to me.

            Anyhow, you clearly are not interested in logic or in even having an actual basis for your insulting generalizations. The fact of the matter is that, whether you like to admit it or not, some bloggers both within Kuwait and outside it are truly well-loved and have massive followings for a reason.

            Many people relate to blogs, are informed by them, and/or find an interesting, unique quality in them. This is the reason that bloggers in Kuwait have thrived. I’m not saying there are no corrupt and useless bloggers in Kuwait, but what I am saying is that any blog with a truly loyal and large following (not bought followers and faked statistics) must have done something right.

            You’re starting to bore me now so I’m not going to bother with you any longer. You have the right to believe what you wish. You do not have the right to baselessly insult people publicly.

            • YOU SUCK

              if ur blog “spoke for itself” u wouldnt have to “speak” so much trying to praise it…u say i am cornered yet ur the one on the defense…the more u inject ur reply with words like “integrity” and “personal connection” the more i know ur having a hard time trying to convince urself with the bullshit ur uttering..
              and no…u dont sound proud…u sound vain…its abundantly obvious ur so delusional u cant tell the difference…and u have no authority over my actions to “allow me” cross any line…i am not waiting for ur permission to convey my thoughts…but then i forgot im dealing with a blogger: hence dealing with a person highly infected with illusion of grandeur..
              as for being loved..i can name many unethical corporations or famous figures around the world that are adored by fans…so??? how does that weigh in the grand scale of ethics?? u think ur talking to a justin beiber fan dont u?? well ur not..i dont care about ur fans..i can assess matters independently..i dont need the masses to tell me whats “good”…cuz the masses tend to not know their asses from their elbows..
              if im “starting” to bore u, u have managed to do that a looooooooong time ago..

            • YOU SUCK

              now off u go: go make money off of unethical organizations….then come back and talk to us about “integrity”…and dont forget to visit ur diabetic readers after theyve been hospitalized cuz theyve eaten some of the junk u wanna advertise, then come back here and talk to us about ur “personal connection” with ur readers

            • owlolive

              Phahahaha! I’m sorry but I’m about to have a hernia from laughing so freaking hard! Aw man, baseless moral judgments… gets me every time!

              I’m through try to have an actually conducive discussion with you but, please, do continue to tell more about myself since you clearly know me very well, Ibinizer.

              It’s honestly becoming quite entertaining actually! C’mon! Hit me with more generalized, out of nowhere insults, Dr. Phil.

              Thank you for making my night! Cheers! šŸ˜‰

  9. Bao

    How do you expect bloggers to make money then?
    It’s not free to host a blog.
    it’s not free to own a domain name.
    it’s differently an Ok thing to make money out of a blog by being sponsored or having ads. It’s not ok to be biased of course.

    I think you are going way off your original goal by being against every blog that have a way of income. I don’t have a blog myself, but i understand blogging. And bloggers need money to keep their website up, specially those with well made blogs. And there is no problem with them making just a bit of money for the time they spend writing and documenting things….

    • b

      The problem here is when someone is getting paid to do a review, that is a biased point from the start.
      I mean if someone is going to do a review, you might as well stay anonymous.
      And I do not care about the ad’s on the side, people can just use Google Ad-sense instead.

  10. YOU SUCK

    @ owlolive u went from ” Iā€™m not going to bother with you any longer” to replying within 30 minutes with hysterical laughter…well..i know u have nothing better to do but sit infront of ur monitor and chitter chatter all day and night cuz ur gonna make an easy buck off of ur sponsors anyway, but us hard working people have actual jobs…so ill leave u with ur “integrity” and “personal connection with ur readers”…i have a meeting

    • owlolive

      Brava! Tell me more about how much free, ‘chitter chatter’ time I have or how I make my day-to-day living. Please inform me on how I make my easy, non-hardworking buck. Oh, this is so priceless! You need to take this show on the road. Seriously–I’ll totally finance it. I mean, I’ve got all those bucket loads of easy sponsor moola you seem to clairvoyantly know about, right?

      I’m totally sending you a gift basket for rounding off my night with this comedic performance. A basketful of puppies and cookies and every other wonderful thing, you wonderfully intentioned person, you!

      • YOU SUCK

        i guess u figured since u dont have a proper response u decided to make urself feel better by trying to be funny…ha ha? just jump monkey..the way ur sponsors want u to

        • owlolive

          Oooh! Animalism! Fresh!

          And, FYI, I refused to continue my previous discussion with you because A) I only respond to repetitive, no-basis allegations once, and, B) because I’ve found that trolls will be trolls no matter what so its usually best to leave them at the bridge and move on.

          But, please, do continue with the condescension humor. I’m awfully enjoying it while I stay up late working on MA dissertation, grading papers, and nursing an 8-month old. Oops, I mean counting my easy ‘sponsor bucks’ and whiling away my chit-chatter time.

          • YOU SUCK

            we had a discussion? u give urself too much credit…ur “MA dissertation”…u have no idea how unimpressed i am…masters these days r given away with happy meals..when ur done with ur phd viva come back and “inadvertently” tell us how hard ur life we can all BOO-HOO a little

            • owlolive

              Wow, that was some of the most contradictory, hypocritical back-pedaling I’ve seen this entire month. Golf-clappingly impressive work!

              Anyway, I’m afraid this is the impasse at the bridge in which I leave you, compadre. Happy trolling days to you! This sparring match was actually fun at times. Mostly when you attempted to explain to me what I’m trying to do or who I am. Thanks for that. I need the hilarious soul-searching session.

              All the best! (Although I’m sure another one of your truly respectful, constructive, and factually based replies is forthcoming.)

  11. YOU SUCK

    @owlolive of course u failed to point out the contradiction and hypocrisy in what i wrote..its ok, i understand that the kettle needs to call the pot black…and i wouldnt hold my breath if i were u…i dont respect corp. monkeys

      • J.A.

        Oh boy, I pity people with distorted concepts of life and their inability to have a decent disagreement with another human being. You see, let’s put aside how completely and utterly biased your argument is for a second and look at the way you conveyed yourself through your words and your decision to express yourself. Horrendously gruesome and anything but sophisticated and polite. I guess your poorly structured writing should give us a hint of you, Mr. I’ve got a meeting (AKA I’m just gonna say that to fool myself and others of how truly busy and hard working I am).

        Now, OwlOlive is by far on the top list of my favorite Kuwaiti blogs and what she pointed out (which I must say was very professional, reasonable and logical – and btw that’s the way of persuasive techniques. You should get lessons from a 10th grader because that’s when they teach you that, you would know that ’cause you’re hardworking and all.
        I saw not even one logical statement in your comments and I am not convinced at all with your POV. At least provide some sort of logical, well, ANYTHING!
        I’m sure you’ll reply ’cause you’ve got that meeting to attend to and all.

        • owlolive

          Wow, thank you so much for all those kind words. It’s my absolute pleasure to have you among my readers! I’m choosing not to mention anything that you said about this other person because I’m not interested in addressing anything he/she has said or wants to say in the future. That’s because they don’t seem all too interested in having a real discussion as opposed to an offensive trolling-fest which intentionally wants to bait a negative reaction out of the other side. I’m not interested in feeding that kind of pointless dynamic so I’m just going to sidestep this person completely.

          I’m only responding so I can thank you. Those beyond flattering and humbling words of yours totally cancel out any and all trolling comments that have been previously made or might continue to be made by any troll anywhere ever.

          Seriously. THANK YOU.

        • YOU SUCK

          oh look owlolive has come to defend herself with this other nick name aka JA!!! now im in trouble!!!
          honestly…how sad are YOU??? :`-(
          JA has the same fetish (what a coincidence) as owlolive which is “writing well constructed essays”…who the hell told u i was aiming at writing a novel dumb ass?? and the only point i was making (in case ur below 20 IQ had failed u yet again to discover it on ur own) was how bloggers dont adhere to ethics and try to convey an image of purity and that they care about the content they provide to people…while the reality of the matter is they will do whatever is necessary if it means they will make money out of their sponsors…and u OWLOLIVE is no different dispite of what ur alter ego JA is saying……and i dont get why that whole i have a meeting struck a nerve with u..its really not a big deal..we dont all make money sitting on our asses like u…ALL employees go to meetings…its not my fault u think only people in high positions attend meetings…if u worked a day in ur life ud know thats not true… go back to hopping on one foot and make some money

          • owlolive


            That’s right. You’ve TOTALLY nailed me, McGuff the Crime Dog. I just had to make a fake person reply to ‘defend’ (Phaha!) myself against you and your truly snappy, scathing wit! I knew it was the “‘well structured essays'” (the non-quote quote! Plus the BEST insult I have ever gotten!) that gave it away. Damn. You’re good. Not at all delusional. JUST SO GOOD.

            And, yes, you’re right. I’m a one leg hopping, no-job having, unethical corporate leech (with a possibly low IQ?). As luck would have it, you turned out to be the world class detective/psychiatrist/fortune-teller that you CLEARLY are and you have completely FIGURED ME OUT. Who could ever possibly accuse you of irrationality, hate-mongering, or trolling? Not I!

            Damn. That’s all I’ve got to say: Damn.

            And also: Ahahahahahahahahaha! God, that was a hilarious way to end my day.

  12. ZeroGravity

    The highlight of this post is in the comments section. The effervescent banter between them. It was like watching one of those single episode sitcoms. @You suck’s only agenda was disapproval. Whereas @owlolive was donning the cinderella cloak. It was a question of, ” will the lamb tame the wolf or the wolf devour the lamb”.

    In the end, as in with most of the sitcom’s, just when you thought you were up for a something, it ends abruptly leaving you in a limbo.

    Come on guys, not fair, go for the kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 2Good

    So if you make any kind of revenue of your blog you’re selling out. Cool.

    Good luck with it… I’ll check up on you in a few years and see if your commitment is intact.

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  15. b

    Gotta admit, I don’t mind the ads on the side of the page.
    But I’d rather know if they are getting paid to post a “certain” always “positive” review of a place.
    Ever since the case against Mark by that shitty Japanese place I’d say the quality of reviews just went down the shitter.

  16. CHriss

    Why does it upset you ? ..some people want to make money out of it, good for them! we can’t all be the same, you know.

  17. zam


    “Commenting is a privilege not a right. I allow comments on the site because I believe that you can make a valuable contribution but in return I expect that you comment responsibly.”



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