First World Problems with BananaQ8 And His Friends

When BananaQ8 isn’t busy getting fooled by fake falafel peanut butter stories, he’s posting about people dining at local fast food joints. Well.. more like bitching and moaning. He recently shared his friend “Sash”‘s story about his “horrible” experience at Cheesecake Factory which can only be interpreted as first world problems.

In this time span of almost 2 hours until the whole table got their orders, the ashtrays weren’t changed, the table wasn’t cleaned, and we used the same plates we used for our appetizers.

Awwwww. HOW CUTE <3. Poor little baby didn’t get his plate changed in between meals? What has this world come to! How dare they make me eat on the SAME plate! And I mean.. you could clean up your own table? Move the used plates to the side? Something?

My friend who got his order last missed his flight and had to catch a later one,

Alright.. that’s just dumb. His friend couldn’t have gotten up and left? You know there’s like a bajillion other restaurants at avenues where he could quickly grab something to eat. Cheesecake Factory’s food tastes the same as McDonald’s but only costs a shit ton more. He could’ve gotten a quick happy meal (love the toys). Instead, knowing that he would miss his flight if he had done so, he just sat there?

and I had to go take my car out of valet and find another parking spot because the valet was about to close.”

What in the hell are you talking about sunshine? I’ve been to Avenues and have NEVER heard of this before. And plus is it such a hassle to walk for less than a minute to get to the valet? Did your poor little toes hurt after the “2 hours” of sitting at Cheesecake Factory?

That was Sash’s experience, now I am definitely not going to try it. I have to wait, plus bad service? No way, it’s officially on my blacklist.

Yeah OKAY. That’s the sensible thing to do. Hey.. more cheesecake for me! I LOVE the Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake. What’s your favorite cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

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  1. Sash

    Hahahha good job, it was supposed to be a fun atory to tell , not a big deal everyone understand that the service is usually either good or bad depends on the shift , or maybe it was a bad day! No biggie and please when u want to have that cheese cake invite me , we will get a 10″ how about rasberry? Or my personal fav. Red velvet.?

  2. Sikhkunt

    “Dinning”? At least proofread your chit before posting. And comparing McDonald’s to the Cheesecake Factory is just your opinion and your opinion only. Your taste buds must have drunk during the time you dined there. inb4Cheesecake Factory employee accusations.

  3. Sash

    btw since now I’m in love with this blog, sikhkunt .. at least we know that mcdonalds is fast food… if that is the case then I’m sure TCF is a VERY … VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERRRRY Slow food… and AS i said , that is a story not to trash the restaurant but just to tell a story. we understand the they are human.

  4. Q8GEEK

    I personally use “Gazillion Bazillion”… “Bajillion” is weird since I have a friend name Jillian 😛
    And now, people still review food?

  5. crazyinkuwait

    Almost 9 months away, gave birth to a demon child perhaps? Just in time for summer and no work so you decided to come back to the blog life cupcake? At least I will have something else to read when I’m bored. Yay!

  6. YoMama

    haha! lovin the sarcasm. I have a feeling we would gonna get along really well.. you should drop me an email ! 😉

  7. Anonymous

    Bananaq8 took down their Cheesecake Factory post and then suddenly put up an advertisement for them on their blog.

    They have lost all credibility to some loyal fans.

    • Mathai

      I guess we can all look forward to a glowing review on the wonderful service and amazing food at that joint.

      • Anonymous

        I subscribe to Bananaq8 comments and these were posted by their readers but deleted by Bananaq8

        This is for the new lady: Sonista (name sp?)

        Author: Alaa
        How could you blatantly lie like that? You get paid to write on this blog since you work for Knock Book who handle all of Alshayas brands I believe. So you literally get paid to write here which is why this blog is going downhill and has no credibility. All your posts are ads.

        Taz we miss you!

  8. Jackieo

    because of all the negativity towards sonrisa she now posts under the name “fat boy” on bananaq8. How funny is that!

  9. Om Thoke

    After a long time, i’m enjoying someone trolling the dumb kuwaiti blogs… ROFL 🙂 You’ve earned a new fan today to say the least

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