Where have all the opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

A recent comment in my latest post read “well it’s just your opinion.” It got me seriously thinking. Where have opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

What we see today on Kuwait blogs are just a myriad of posts advertising new places to eat, the latest fashion (of course lady bloggers never show their face in the pics) and information about the latest cars. Would it be so hard to state your opinion about the product/place? Instead we get “yeah it was good” on every food post and then when I waste my time to go eat there, it turns out to be the same old bad tasting fast food shit.

People, give us your OPINION. Your REAL opinion. You don’t have to on a leash with these companies (although a lot of blogs are). Just tell us what you really think. I seriously want to know. I mean, that’s the whole essence of a blog. You may be thinking you don’t want to insult the restaurant or whatever, but how in the hell are they supposed to know if they need to change something to make it better if they don’t know that there’s something wrong?

An opinion is extremely strong. Use it.



  1. Noory

    Let’s discuss this seriously.. I honestly don’t expect anyone accepting an invitation (even if they didn’t get money or gifts from the hosting company/restaurant) to give their honest review without tiptoeing. It’s not about being a hypocrite.. it’s just a display of gratitude I guess and if they’re doing it for free, the pressure is higher. I would respect that but I would respect the blogger even more if they pointed out whatever that needs to be fixed in a CLEAR yet nice and decent way. No tiptoeing!
    As for those who are paid or endorsed by those organizations/restaurants, I wouldn’t even bother to read their “review” since I know for a fact that those reviews and more or less written by the management and sent to those bloggers to copy and paste with minor changes. When I see reviews of the same restaurant by many bloggers during a short period of time, that is my sign.
    Companies are using and abusing bloggers for their fame and number of followers and they know that they would need to pamper them to the max just to get some traffic and possibly clients. Good for both of them but I am tired of hearing all the good stuff and eventually getting a huge disappointment when I see the real deal. I as a regular customer will not be treated the same as a blogger.
    It’s up to the bloggers to run their blogs however they want but I for one wouldn’t even consider checking their blog. To me, they are only intelligent and highly customizable bulletin boards.
    Another point is that honestly, I don’t think any company/restaurant takes criticism lightly. Sometimes stating your honest opinion might guarantee you legal issues where you find yourself “defaming” a restaurant just because you said their coke was warm and their buger bun was soggy. Restaurant owners take it WAAAAAAAY too personal and if it is not a franchised big name, you will find yourself in further trouble by friends and family of the restaurant owner accusing you of being jealous, a hater or even paid by competition.
    I don’t believe companies should even depend on bloggers for marketing. If a blogger chooses to go to your establishment and write a review whether good or bad, true or not, you should accept it and work on what you need to work on and that itself is good publicity. Good customer service or -worst case- retention is way better marketing than copied recommendations that lack originality and genuineness.

  2. ninjacloak

    dude when bananaq8 gave his opinion (or his friends’) you made a show out of it !!
    does it matter to you cuz I think u’ll just turn all post to a joke lol

    • G

      It doesn’t matter to ” him / her ” he just doesn’t have anything better to do with his time.. after all, this is a blog and and since “Kuwait Blogs Suck,” then this is the suckiest. Come up with some real posts instead of criticizing everyone, it seems we are the only ones doing the real work and you are just feeding off of us..

      + this post is a silly reply on bananaq8 latest post abt u … maaan that was hilarious, he really gave it to u big time..

        • ninjacloak

          you chubbay zain , what the hell is ur blog about, theres damn animals on top !! what the hell is that ?? Omeriya zoo project?
          you suck big time missy , you even don’t take your own pics .. pathetic

          • Noory

            omg! you actually checked my crappy blog!! :’) thank you! thank you thank you THANK.. YOU!
            what? you don’t like going to the zoo? awwww.. so sorry to hear that.. well anyhow, thanks for your feedback.. zero fucks given ๐Ÿ˜€ and by the way.. why don’t you at least man up and put a REAL link to a blog or page or something? chicken shit? ๐Ÿ˜€
            why are you butthurt? someone attacked yow pwecious “unknow yet” bwog? awwwww.. sowwy ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Q8PixelArt

            dude, “ninjacloak”? seriously? what’re you thinking?
            I wonder what you use it for..

            whatever’s going on in your life, you shouldn’t name your account by that name my friend.. and i clicked on your name, don’t tell me it’s linked to the website.. cuz that’s just… i dont have an appropriate adjective.

            and btw, you’re criticizing this girl’s blog? you’re just like Kuwait Blogs Suck! except unpopular, not funny, not cool, not very public, and seem quite childish imo, KBS! is awesome and I can’t wait for him to get back to blogging..

            i mean, seriously?? “ninjacloak”?? that’s crazier than Kanye West naming his kid “North” and making him a laughing stock for life..

  3. Farah

    Honestly, i stopped listening to bloggers when it comes to food, i stumbled on alot of crappy food and one of them was elevation burger ? i know a blogger which gave me a rating of 100000000 out of 10 for it so i was like “yeah okay lets go try it” it tasted like pure oil and bread, and figs? i took ascia’s opinion and it wasnt even good. so i stopped from there and lets not be idiots; when you see a blog with advertising on it, the blogger itself is bound to be lying about his/her opinion.
    personally i’m starting from the bottom right now on my blog and its nothing serious but i hope i’ll be out there soon, actually giving out my opinion on food because i hate restaurants getting attention when they can’t even cook.

  4. Shosho

    I agree with your post. However, I think those bloggers started their b.ogs to become famous and win free things rather than help us or r
    Submit honest reviews. In addition, sadly their herd of followers are copying them blindly liking what they like and buying what they recommend. Not only Kuwait blogs suck but, they are a shallow, waste of time, and useless.

  5. Anonymous

    Read how this CRAZY in Kuwait woman in her post on “No love for spoiked GCC Citizens in the UK!” accuses Mark 248AM of stealing her posts which are articles from newspapers that everybody reads. Now thatโ€™s crazy! ROTFL!!! Maybe this will get her some much needed blog hits.

  6. Dee

    So I’m mostly indifferent to this blog, just spent some time reading most of your posts because I wanted to kill a few hours. I can’t even decide if I approve of it or not. This is mostly a matter of taste, my taste in humor runs to a different type. That said, what I feel passionately about on your blog is the comments section. So here are my thoughts on that.

    Two things that come to mind, the first being the subject bloggers responses really do separate the wheat from the chaff, don’t they? Some took it with good humor (Jacqui/Mark/Z District), some with somewhat ill humor, some with infinite class that raised them in my estimation (Frankom), and some just went apeshit. How can anyone sympathize with or respect the people in the apeshit category?

    The second thing that comes to mind is that you have both supporters and detractors that make me feel ashamed to be of the same species. But if I wanted to like humanity I wouldn’t read comments sections, would I? I just.. I wonder. Do these people feel pleased with themselves when they spew so much hatred?

  7. q8lifeLife

    Calling a spade A Spade is not the norm specially if you are getting something in return to give you a review. Then you cannot bitch about it (if it is bad). Good can be real good.

    Blogging to create opinions is OK, but has to be balanced.

  8. hiba98

    You know…I just wanted to say hi, but then you’re not even there… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And for so long I’ve been waiting for a chance to say hi, but you’re just not there! Come back!! You know we miss you loads… *exaggerated sigh* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. British girl

    Love this post ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess for some people it’s a way of making money which is quite sad, as I don’t think it’s what blogging should be about. It should be unbiased and real. Keep on trolling!

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