Oh Kuwait blogs... how you make me laugh. They're filled with extremely biased poorly written reviews, bad pictures because every blogger thinks they're a photographer, and horrible grammar because most Kuwait bloggers barely know English.

A lot of bloggers in Kuwait get free dinners and gifts as well as a salary from big name companies for writing fake positive reviews for things that suck. Their blogs have become advertising which is the exact opposite of what a blog is all about; unbiased personal reviews.

Enough is enough. Here on "Kuwait Blogs Suck!" I'm going to post about the funny things Kuwait bloggers say and do, I'm going to criticize them, and I'm going to call them out! They get $$$ for regirgitating what companies tell them to say and posting about silly things that have no value whatsoever.

Who am I you ask? I'm not going to necessarily give away my identity, but I'll at least share some info. I'm 19 years old, female... or maybe male?, and I'm an english major at a local well known university here in Kuwait. That's all you get outta me.

Want to vent about a blogger or a fake post that litter Kuwait blogs, or has a blogger blocked your comment from showing because they're pansies and can't take any critisism whatsoever? Email me and I'll post it here. Anonymously if you want. Then I'll email them so they can read it!

If you're easily offended or don't understand that I'm joking around then don't even read anything I post and close the page now.

It's time to rip Kuwait bloggers a new one.