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Blogging in Kuwait = BIG MONEY!

You know what I just figured out? Blogging in Kuwait makes some serious money.

When I trolled BananaQ8, he gave me a monthly advertising rate. He quoted me 300KD for a regular monthly spot on the top most advertising space.

Based on his rate, let’s say you had 10 advertisement spaces, 2 top page banners and 8 sidebar spaces. The 2 top ads cost 350KD, the top 2 sidebar ads cost 300KD, the middle 4 sidebar ads cost 250KD, and the last 2 side bar ads cost 200KD.*

(2*350)+(2*300)+(4*250)+(2*200) =


*This is just an example. Imagine you had more banners and higher advertising costs? But also remember that not every blogger has all the ad spaces filled at the same time.

Wait a second. Seriously? 2700KD?!?! What the fudge!!! For copy pasting press releases, writing with horrible English skills, and writing shitty reviews with tilted images???

For our American readers out there: 2700kd = 9,576.18 USD. Tax free.

And how much do we pay our street cleaners every month? 40KD? How much do we pay our maids? 60KD? How much do advertising companies pay bloggers to sit on their ass and copy paste shit on a blog? 2700KD.

And imagine if you had a day job that payed 1200kd a month. In total you’d be making 3900KD (13,824.39 USD).

No wonder Mark from 248am quit his day job to be a full time blogger. No wonder all these bloggers keep posting pictures of their extravagant trips to exotic destinations. No wonder these bloggers buy all the latest gadgets and post reviews on them! All that cash they get from the advertisers pays for all of it!

And on top of all of that they post about all the free dinners and free gifts they get.

Doesn’t this feel somehow… wrong? I mean… they make more money than professional writers at newspapers. Hell they make more money than a lot of professions in Kuwait!

What do you gals and guys think about this? Classy or un-classy?


iLSuL6ana is a LIAR! And it’s all for $$$.

Lots of readers commented and emailed me because they wanted me to make a post about iLSuL6ana, a blog that as far I can tell consists of nothing but boring advertising. There doesn’t seem to be any effort at all in the posts and you can tell because a lot of it is copy pasted and any attempt at original writing looks like smeared beans on a grill.

Whatever, what else is new with for greedy bloggers in Kuwait? But then I clicked on the Advertise With iLSuL6ana page and two things caught my eye.

First, iLSuL6ana has such a difficult time keeping up advertising for the site that they actually hired a company called Ghaliah Technology to take care of all their advertising upkeep. I guess clicking a couple times to put an ad in an ad space requires you to be a rocket scientist, or at least that’s what iLSuL6ana believes.

Second, there is a straight up lie on the page. Check out this screenshot they posted for views for May 2012:

Bullshit. No way did they get over 1 million views for just one month on their sad attempt of a blog. And you can easily prove that it’s fake by checking their Alexa Page. Under the page views you can see there was a slight bump in views during the end of May 2012, but no way did that bump give them over 1 million page views.

And using other sites that give information about website views supports this argument, like this graph from SiteLogiq:

Based on that graph their average page views on May 2012 was 10,000, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say on average they had 15,000 views per day. 15,000*31 days in May = 465,000 page views for the month. Half of what they’re claiming it is.

I know what you’re thinking. “But it’s a screenshot! It must be real!” Hah. What’s so fishy about this very case is that usually when someone posts one of these “page views images” they directly link to a site that shows the stats, or at least provide a larger screenshot providing proof that it’s their own stats for their website. Instead, they posted a screenshot which could easily be faked. Hell, here’s my best attempt using Microsoft Paint:

So why would they do this. Easy answer: $$$$$. They put that screenshot right on the “advertise with us” page so that companies can see that they get “over 1 million views a month” and quickly pay iLSuL6ana to get their ads up and get lots of views. That is really dishonest and just goes to prove that iLSuL6ana cares about nothing but money.

But hey, I could be wrong. So that’s why I’m calling you out iLSuL6ana. Show us proof or come clean!

When there’s more text in your ads than in the posts you make…

…I let out a haughty little laugh.

Case in point:

Here’s a zoomed out screenshot of his 3 year old designed designed website (3 year old as in the age of the person who designed it):

I literally had to zoom out to show you the amount of ads on his site because I couldn’t fit it on one page… and I still didn’t get them all in 2 screenshots.

I counted how many ads he has on his site… 24. Well actually it’s 25 but one of them is “reserved” for whoever wants to shell out 100kd a month to pay to this guy who’s blog consists of 90% aggregated content.

I’m sure he reaaallly cares about the stuff he posts and NOT about making money… hah.

Notice all the original content he posted on the left side? Oh… oh wait. There isn’t much now is there? Most of it is copy pasted from the youtube videos he’s posting or copy pasted press releases. What text he actually come up with is minimized to a sentence or two. In fact there’s more text in the ads than the original content that he posted.

Nice ad page… **cough cough** I mean “blog.”