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Listen Grey… what made you think this abomination of a stretched image would stay on your blog without anyone vomiting. I almost did.

Do you not see that it’s stretched or do you just not care and you’re leaving it that way. I think the latter is true, because when I right click on it and click “Open Image in New Tab” I surprisingly find this:

Bad Grey! BAD!!! Would it have taken too much of your time to make a new header image that fit? Here’s my Microsoft Paint 1 minute attempt:

Steal it from me and put your cute cartoon characters all over it and post it on your blog before I get a bad design induced seizure.

I offer you free class Grey. Take it or leave it. And please change your background image too. Your blog is not a mac desktop.


Do advertisers in Kuwait just not care?

You know those times where you wish you had a time machine so you can go back and not see what you just saw? This is one of those times. My goodness…

Look at Mira Tiger Mood. Just take a good hard look and tell me you don’t want to wish you were blind. What the fudge am I looking at?! Her header image has her feet in it. Yes, her feet. The part of the body that humans use to walk around that gets dirty and gunky and all foot diseasey.

Her background is an ENORMOUS photo of what I think may be her, but her face is not showing, (a common trend with Kuwaiti girls’ photos) which takes up the entire space in the back and doesn’t even go away when you scroll down. It stays and haunts you the whole time you’re on her blog! And then the left side is littered with random photos of women and ads.

You want to know something? If I had a business and I wanted to advertise my product or service I would want to put it somewhere where it’s going to look good; including a blog that looks good. There is no way I would EVER pay to have an ad on her blog. Really, I’ve now instantly blacklisted every single company that has an ad on there.

And if you think I’m being harsh then think again. If you saw a McDonald’s ad next to a garbage can full of dead cheetahs and tigers, would you want to go out and buy a McDonald’s burger? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Someone help her out! For for the sake of classiness!


I’m sitting here wondering what a conversation with 965malls would be like… (note: imagine 965malls has a viking accent)

Me: Hey 965malls you know flames in the background make your blog look silly right?

965malls: FLAMES!!!!!

Me: Uh… they make you, the blogger, look like they’re 5 years old, you know, the typical age when kids are into those silly flames like the one on the background of your website.

965malls: FLAMES!!!

Me: Well you know you barely ever start sentences with a capital letter right? Kind of also adds to the “you’re probably 5 years old” remark.


Me: And uh… the majority of your posts have nothing to do with malls even though your name is 965malls right?


Me: And you kno…

965malls: FLAMES!!!

Alright. I can’t look at that blog anymore. All I see are those vomit-inducing, graphic design freshman made flames.

Get some class 965malls. Buy some if you have to… really.