Email me here beautiful people:

Want to vent about a Kuwait blog or post a comment they blocked on their website? Send it to me and I’ll post it here. Anonymously if you want.



  1. bigpapa

    Plz drop a big nuke bomb on this annoying blogger 965malls, the guy is way out of his original description of his blog like reviewing all the malls in kuwait, but to my surprise he starts to review his sick attitude towards his nonsence ordeals and post inappropriate items which is way out of his blog. So i beg you please Nuke’em!!

  2. Desert Girl

    Hi. I’m Desert Girl and my blog sucks. All I do is whine about my life and how pathetic it is; how I can’t find a man; how I hate the traffic; how I struggle with staying in Kuwait or going back to the States; how everything seems weird to me although obviously, I’m overly weird myself. My blog is one, big, pathetic mess. When I do review something, I don’t get paid for it; not because they don’t offer, but because I’m too mentally challenged to be able to figure out how to make money for myself. Further, my blog sucks because I don’t post high-quality photos. I have no artistic eye. I focus my cheap camera into the sun and backlight my blurry subjects (but I think I’m a photographer and I post them anyways). I don’t use spell check. I could probably figure it out, but I’m too lazy; type-o’s and grammar and spelling mistakes abound. Generally, my posts are offensive and shouldn’t be viewed by children. Am I writing this to you to pre-empt a strike? Of course I am! Who doesn’t love self-deprecation? And, of course, admitting that you have a problem is the first step towards fixing it (or perhaps not -which is where my sucky blog comes in).
    I’m enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work.

  3. BoDanah

    What a brilliant Idea! If you ever need co-writers on your blog please let me know. Also here is a great topic I hope it interests you. Whats up with berries in Kuwait? There is a pinkberry for the yougurt, there is a blackberry for a phone, but why the hell do we have blogs in Kuwait named blushberry, buzberry, pinkberry and buzfairy? (well not buzfairy :p) then there are other fruits that fascinate bloggers like bananas, to hell with you bananaq8 I hope you get eaten by a filthy munchky!

  4. Eve

    You rooooooooock! You are simply amazing. What a great idea!!! Just keep it up… How about a review about Buz fairy. Please make us laugh.

  5. Ahmed1117

    Eves got a point trying to be a douchebag is an easy target!
    I think confashions is okay, she’s to the point.
    And you didn’t touch on the gold mine that is P0ach’s writing:

    • Eve

      True, confashions is to the point, but her readers should be the upper ten only…regular people, middle class must feel like sh*t when reading her blog…

  6. dotsNpink

    wooot!!! love it!!!

    have u check some fashion blogs in kuwait…(cuz i cant find any) well, there(s) one CONFASHIONinKuwait…i really wanted to see how is she as a fashionista!!i never seen her “fashionable self” on her blog…and as a fashion blog u have to show ur skills in styling urself to be a fashionista… o well what the heck, u go check it!!!

    KEEP IT UP!!! am a fan already!

  7. Mario

    I love ur blog and I actually think I love u!
    (Ps: if u’re a dude, it’s brotherly love, if u’re a girl, I wanna marry u…)

  8. hukcall

    did u not claim somewhere that u are an english guru. looks like u slipped one bud and that to on your title credits. find the error in ur statement and u get a pat on the back from me.

    Want to vent about a Kuwait blog or post a comment they blocked on their website? Send it to me and I’ll post it here. Annonomusly if you want.

    ps. keep up the good work

  9. blantaka

    It is really a horrible idea to look at your blog at 3AM. am just postponing my homework to read your blog. I have never laughed so badly at your teasing on those stupid self-centered ” THEY PAY ME MONEY SO I CAN COPY PASTE DERP ” bloggers … or things. DEATH TO ALL HIPSTERS AND SO CALLED “BLOGGERS” WHO KNOWS ONLY COPY PASTE. ………….. Friking love your work REMAIN STRONK AND TROLL DEM XD

  10. elected.paradise

    I haven’t gone through all your reviews, but I skimmed through them to get a clear idea on what this blog is aiming at. I sort of dig your sense of humour, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one sick of all these same-old blogs. However, I could sure use an opinion. Im thinking of starting a blog for books and movies reviews, but Im debating this idea since not a lot of Kuwaitis can pick up a book or interested in discussing movies. You think it’s gonna be a waste of time or I should go with it and see what happens?

  11. layla

    Hey! Just rediscovered this blog again and read every single post from top to bottom 😀 Come back and write more posts please?

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