Blogging in Kuwait = BIG MONEY!

You know what I just figured out? Blogging in Kuwait makes some serious money.

When I trolled BananaQ8, he gave me a monthly advertising rate. He quoted me 300KD for a regular monthly spot on the top most advertising space.

Based on his rate, let’s say you had 10 advertisement spaces, 2 top page banners and 8 sidebar spaces. The 2 top ads cost 350KD, the top 2 sidebar ads cost 300KD, the middle 4 sidebar ads cost 250KD, and the last 2 side bar ads cost 200KD.*

(2*350)+(2*300)+(4*250)+(2*200) =


*This is just an example. Imagine you had more banners and higher advertising costs? But also remember that not every blogger has all the ad spaces filled at the same time.

Wait a second. Seriously? 2700KD?!?! What the fudge!!! For copy pasting press releases, writing with horrible English skills, and writing shitty reviews with tilted images???

For our American readers out there: 2700kd = 9,576.18 USD. Tax free.

And how much do we pay our street cleaners every month? 40KD? How much do we pay our maids? 60KD? How much do advertising companies pay bloggers to sit on their ass and copy paste shit on a blog? 2700KD.

And imagine if you had a day job that payed 1200kd a month. In total you’d be making 3900KD (13,824.39 USD).

No wonder Mark from 248am quit his day job to be a full time blogger. No wonder all these bloggers keep posting pictures of their extravagant trips to exotic destinations. No wonder these bloggers buy all the latest gadgets and post reviews on them! All that cash they get from the advertisers pays for all of it!

And on top of all of that they post about all the free dinners and free gifts they get.

Doesn’t this feel somehow… wrong? I mean… they make more money than professional writers at newspapers. Hell they make more money than a lot of professions in Kuwait!

What do you gals and guys think about this? Classy or un-classy?


Do you honestly have nothing else to post about Frankom?

How dare you put that shitty processed cheese on top of your scrambled eggs?! And what’s with the fork? You’re going to scratch the pan! Ever heard of a wooden spoon?

No but seriously now, what is the point of this post? Frankom, are you honestly that bored to make a post showing us how to make scrambled eggs? And if anyone even wanted to make eggs, do you think they’d come to your blog to find out? A quick youtube search will find a video of Gordon Ramsay showing us how to make them and they look REALLY delicious compared to the icky cheese covered picture Frankom posted.

Granted, that image of the final plate does look tasty. Make me some eggs Frankom!

LOL!!! Inconsistent Spray Can Censorship by iLSuL6ana

Oh hey, iLSuL6ana posted a picture of Scarlett Johansson in a pretty dress. That’s real nice, but what’s the necklace she has on? Wait…. WHAT?!?!?.

LOL!!!!!! Look at that! Scarlett Johansson has some spray canned cleavage!

iLSuL6ana, I applaud you for using Microsoft Paint, my tool of choice, but why are you using it for this reason? Who made you your blog readers’ morality enforcer? I mean, just a simple Google search will find us lots of images of Scarlett Johansson’s incredible cleavage. Like this:

So what’s the point exactly of spray canning her boobs?

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that iLSuL6ana is inconsistent. Right on the same page is an image of a woman’s cleavage showing:

Lol. How can you even run a fashion blog when you’re going to be censoring things? From what I’ve seen on Fashion TV on OSN (my research for this post), lots of fashion designers pump up the cleavage, and some even make see through clothing and you can see the models’ breasts clearly.

What a chore it must be for you to spray can all these girls’ boobs, and it definitely is a hard chore because you’re inconsistent about it. I dislike censorship. You should consider discontinuing your inconsistent censorship iLSuL6ana.


Listen Grey… what made you think this abomination of a stretched image would stay on your blog without anyone vomiting. I almost did.

Do you not see that it’s stretched or do you just not care and you’re leaving it that way. I think the latter is true, because when I right click on it and click “Open Image in New Tab” I surprisingly find this:

Bad Grey! BAD!!! Would it have taken too much of your time to make a new header image that fit? Here’s my Microsoft Paint 1 minute attempt:

Steal it from me and put your cute cartoon characters all over it and post it on your blog before I get a bad design induced seizure.

I offer you free class Grey. Take it or leave it. And please change your background image too. Your blog is not a mac desktop.