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Where have all the opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

A recent comment in my latest post read “well it’s just your opinion.” It got me seriously thinking. Where have opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

What we see today on Kuwait blogs are just a myriad of posts advertising new places to eat, the latest fashion (of course lady bloggers never show their face in the pics) and information about the latest cars. Would it be so hard to state your opinion about the product/place? Instead we get “yeah it was good” on every food post and then when I waste my time to go eat there, it turns out to be the same old bad tasting fast food shit.

People, give us your OPINION. Your REAL opinion. You don’t have to on a leash with these companies (although a lot of blogs are). Just tell us what you really think. I seriously want to know. I mean, that’s the whole essence of a blog. You may be thinking you don’t want to insult the restaurant or whatever, but how in the hell are they supposed to know if they need to change something to make it better if they don’t know that there’s something wrong?

An opinion is extremely strong. Use it.


Even a first grader has better English skills than Her from His&Hers


Someone stab my eyeballs out with a cattle prod.

The last time I saw so many grammatical mistakes was when I was in first grade and it was coming from a kid who was still sucking his thumb. When I was in first grade I was already whooping sixth graders asses.

I know what I’ll do. I’ll teach Her English! I’ll take time out of my knitting to teach Her some simple grammar rules of English! I’ll post a screenshot of all her mistakes and correct them! Here’s the first tip:

Her English Lesson #1: Sentences, and paragraphs, start with a CAPITAL letter.

Her English Lesson #2: Sentences end with a punctuation mark. + You didn’t even attempt to put a space in between why and that smiley face.

Her English Lesson #3: When the letter “I” is by itself, it must always, ALWAYS, be capitalized.

Her English Lesson #4: You can’t mix together a present and past tense in the same sentence. It’s confusing and grammatically INCORRECT.

For further reading on the topic I suggest to Her from His&Hers check out this reading material:

English Grammar For Dummies

We all know that you write and post in English because there are more English blog readers, which means you get more clicks on your ads and you make more $$$, but come on. You’re making yourself look so silly “trying” to write in English.

Remember Her… you got to go to class to be classy.