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Where have all the opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

A recent comment in my latest post read “well it’s just your opinion.” It got me seriously thinking. Where have opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

What we see today on Kuwait blogs are just a myriad of posts advertising new places to eat, the latest fashion (of course lady bloggers never show their face in the pics) and information about the latest cars. Would it be so hard to state your opinion about the product/place? Instead we get “yeah it was good” on every food post and then when I waste my time to go eat there, it turns out to be the same old bad tasting fast food shit.

People, give us your OPINION. Your REAL opinion. You don’t have to on a leash with these companies (although a lot of blogs are). Just tell us what you really think. I seriously want to know. I mean, that’s the whole essence of a blog. You may be thinking you don’t want to insult the restaurant or whatever, but how in the hell are they supposed to know if they need to change something to make it better if they don’t know that there’s something wrong?

An opinion is extremely strong. Use it.


First World Problems with BananaQ8 And His Friends

When BananaQ8 isn’t busy getting fooled by fake falafel peanut butter stories, he’s posting about people dining at local fast food joints. Well.. more like bitching and moaning. He recently shared his friend “Sash”‘s story about his “horrible” experience at Cheesecake Factory which can only be interpreted as first world problems. http://www.bananaq8.com/food/poor-service-at-cheese-cake-factory/

In this time span of almost 2 hours until the whole table got their orders, the ashtrays weren’t changed, the table wasn’t cleaned, and we used the same plates we used for our appetizers.

Awwwww. HOW CUTE <3. Poor little baby didn’t get his plate changed in between meals? What has this world come to! How dare they make me eat on the SAME plate! And I mean.. you could clean up your own table? Move the used plates to the side? Something?

My friend who got his order last missed his flight and had to catch a later one,

Alright.. that’s just dumb. His friend couldn’t have gotten up and left? You know there’s like a bajillion other restaurants at avenues where he could quickly grab something to eat. Cheesecake Factory’s food tastes the same as McDonald’s but only costs a shit ton more. He could’ve gotten a quick happy meal (love the toys). Instead, knowing that he would miss his flight if he had done so, he just sat there?

and I had to go take my car out of valet and find another parking spot because the valet was about to close.”

What in the hell are you talking about sunshine? I’ve been to Avenues and have NEVER heard of this before. And plus is it such a hassle to walk for less than a minute to get to the valet? Did your poor little toes hurt after the “2 hours” of sitting at Cheesecake Factory?

That was Sash’s experience, now I am definitely not going to try it. I have to wait, plus bad service? No way, it’s officially on my blacklist.

Yeah OKAY. That’s the sensible thing to do. Hey.. more cheesecake for me! I LOVE the Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake. What’s your favorite cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

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Bloggers Call to Arms. Seperate yourself from the shit! Join Kuwait Free Bloggers!

I’m sick of the bloggers posting their fake reviews and getting paid for it. But how do we combat this? How do we know which bloggers can be trusted? That’s why I’m going to kick start the Kuwait Free Bloggers club.

If you don’t get paid for tweets, taking instagram photos, or advertising products for a company through fake reviews, and instead post legitimate, unbiased and unpaid for ones instead, you’re entitled to join this club. All you have to do is grab this image and link it back to this page. Try to keep the image on your sidebar towards top so it’s easily seen. If you need a different size or even a newer and better design, please email me. I just threw this together in paint.

A list will be kept here of legitimate bloggers who meet the criteria of being in the Kuwait Free Bloggers club. If you do not find the bloggers name here at this page then consider them not legitimate. If you join in, email me to verify you wanting to join so I can list you here.

Kuwait Free Bloggers members:

Rules to join club:

1. You cannot be sponsored by or on a payroll of a company.

2. You cannot have ad spaces for sale.

3. You cannot be payed for doing a review

4. Google adsense is okay.

What are you waiting for? Let’s point people in the direction of the sites that deserve traffic and stop paying advertising blogs!