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Where have all the opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

A recent comment in my latest post read “well it’s just your opinion.” It got me seriously thinking. Where have opinions gone on Kuwait blogs?

What we see today on Kuwait blogs are just a myriad of posts advertising new places to eat, the latest fashion (of course lady bloggers never show their face in the pics) and information about the latest cars. Would it be so hard to state your opinion about the product/place? Instead we get “yeah it was good” on every food post and then when I waste my time to go eat there, it turns out to be the same old bad tasting fast food shit.

People, give us your OPINION. Your REAL opinion. You don’t have to on a leash with these companies (although a lot of blogs are). Just tell us what you really think. I seriously want to know. I mean, that’s the whole essence of a blog. You may be thinking you don’t want to insult the restaurant or whatever, but how in the hell are they supposed to know if they need to change something to make it better if they don’t know that there’s something wrong?

An opinion is extremely strong. Use it.


First World Problems with BananaQ8 And His Friends

When BananaQ8 isn’t busy getting fooled by fake falafel peanut butter stories, he’s posting about people dining at local fast food joints. Well.. more like bitching and moaning. He recently shared his friend “Sash”‘s story about his “horrible” experience at Cheesecake Factory which can only be interpreted as first world problems. http://www.bananaq8.com/food/poor-service-at-cheese-cake-factory/

In this time span of almost 2 hours until the whole table got their orders, the ashtrays weren’t changed, the table wasn’t cleaned, and we used the same plates we used for our appetizers.

Awwwww. HOW CUTE <3. Poor little baby didn’t get his plate changed in between meals? What has this world come to! How dare they make me eat on the SAME plate! And I mean.. you could clean up your own table? Move the used plates to the side? Something?

My friend who got his order last missed his flight and had to catch a later one,

Alright.. that’s just dumb. His friend couldn’t have gotten up and left? You know there’s like a bajillion other restaurants at avenues where he could quickly grab something to eat. Cheesecake Factory’s food tastes the same as McDonald’s but only costs a shit ton more. He could’ve gotten a quick happy meal (love the toys). Instead, knowing that he would miss his flight if he had done so, he just sat there?

and I had to go take my car out of valet and find another parking spot because the valet was about to close.”

What in the hell are you talking about sunshine? I’ve been to Avenues and have NEVER heard of this before. And plus is it such a hassle to walk for less than a minute to get to the valet? Did your poor little toes hurt after the “2 hours” of sitting at Cheesecake Factory?

That was Sash’s experience, now I am definitely not going to try it. I have to wait, plus bad service? No way, it’s officially on my blacklist.

Yeah OKAY. That’s the sensible thing to do. Hey.. more cheesecake for me! I LOVE the Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake. What’s your favorite cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

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Bloggers Call to Arms. Seperate yourself from the shit! Join Kuwait Free Bloggers!

I’m sick of the bloggers posting their fake reviews and getting paid for it. But how do we combat this? How do we know which bloggers can be trusted? That’s why I’m going to kick start the Kuwait Free Bloggers club.

If you don’t get paid for tweets, taking instagram photos, or advertising products for a company through fake reviews, and instead post legitimate, unbiased and unpaid for ones instead, you’re entitled to join this club. All you have to do is grab this image and link it back to this page. Try to keep the image on your sidebar towards top so it’s easily seen. If you need a different size or even a newer and better design, please email me. I just threw this together in paint.

A list will be kept here of legitimate bloggers who meet the criteria of being in the Kuwait Free Bloggers club. If you do not find the bloggers name here at this page then consider them not legitimate. If you join in, email me to verify you wanting to join so I can list you here.

Kuwait Free Bloggers members:

Rules to join club:

1. You cannot be sponsored by or on a payroll of a company.

2. You cannot have ad spaces for sale.

3. You cannot be payed for doing a review

4. Google adsense is okay.

What are you waiting for? Let’s point people in the direction of the sites that deserve traffic and stop paying advertising blogs!

My True Identity

Hello Kuwait Blogs Suck! readers,

When I started this blog I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to poke fun at local blogs so they can try to change their ways. Yes, it was silly and mean of me… but all I cared about was improving my nation’s blogs. I swear it was for good!

But things have changed. I somehow became nasty and unfair in my posts, and the emotional toll on me has been too great. I’ve been bullied, threatened, personally attacked, sent nasty emails, and people have attempted to reset my password on gmail and wordpress more than 30 times to try to stop me from continuing the blog.

I want to reveal to you my true identity because I feel I should. None of you Kuwait bloggers deserved this and I feel bad for posting about you. Kuwait blogs are actually really good, the best in the world even, and I’ve just been too harsh because I’m jealous of all the fame and money they get.

Below is a link to my Facebook account where you will find my real name and a picture of me. All I ask of you is to take it easy on me. Please? This was all for fun.


Let’s reply to Crazyyetwise’s post about Atheism

I don’t think I’ve ever cried of laughter so much than when I read Crazy Yet Wise’s post about Atheism. How can someone have such a distorted view of not only Atheism, but people in general?

But look, I’m a nice person and I want to help out Crazyyetwise. Yes, she could’ve easily researched the topic instead of making this silly and uneducated post about Atheism, but let’s try to forget that and help her out! This is the post we shall be replying to:


Note: If you are still wrapped around the mindset of what your parents and others have been forcing down your throat since you were a child about religion, and do not care to learn anything new or feel offended when presented with new ideas that contradict your own, or facts, do not continue reading.

Religion does not define morality. This fact can easily be shown as false if we look at the animal kingdom. Most animals that stay together in a group try to defend and protect one another. For example, if you watch this video you find that a lioness saves her cub from a cliff. Does the lioness need to save her baby cub? No, but she feels a duty to save her. She has a moral obligation to the cub because it is her own and the cub is distressed. What religion is the lions for them to have been taught morals to know that they should save people when they are in distress? Exactly… they don’t have religion.

For further reading about morals in Atheists, I suggest this link: http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/faq#HowcanatheistshavemoralswithoutGod

Remember that humans are mammals themselves and share a common ancestor with the primates of today, so yes, to reply to Crazyyetwise’s snarky comment about atheists being animals in jungles, we are animals.

And before any comments start popping up saying: “but evolution is just a theory darf darf,” please learn what theory means. Theory is not just something someone comes up with that may not be true. Theory is: a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena: Einstein’s theory of relativity. Synonyms: principle, law, doctrine. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/theory

I describe atheists as animals living in a huge jungle doing whatever they want or whatever think is right, because they don’t believe in any religion, thus they create their own beliefs. -crazyyetwise

This is simply not true. There is no evidence that Atheists do whatever they want whenever they want to. As described above, there is an inherit desire to do good within animals (which we are). Further from that the society we were born into has laws and governments that people must abide to which tells them what is right or wrong. Some governments’ laws have been derived from religion, and others haven’t. For example, Kuwait’s laws are derived from Islam, while the United States’s laws and constitution are not derived from religions and there is a separation of church and state.

So your argument is that a person has to believe that after they die they have to either be rewarded or punished for the things they’ve done in order to feel a moral obligation to obey the law? But if you steal and are caught, aren’t you put into jail? The punishment is there right in front of your eyes, and any educated person knows that if they break the law they are punished. The fear is right here in our lives. One is not required to believe in a punishment after death to realize that stealing is illegal and you can be punished for it. There are people there to punish and judge us. It’s called the law system, comprising of police, lawyers, and judges.

You’re right about “inherit from our ancestors,” but are wrong about it being religion. Remember that most of the major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) are only about 2000 years old. An evolutionary change would have to take millions of years. I talked about this subject above and how we inherently do good, regardless of religion.

Don’t tell me Atheists have the same morals & ethics that any man of faith has! They don’t! If they do, then they’re following a certain religion/belief & not admitting it.

You’re right in that Atheists don’t have the same morals and ethics that people of Islam have or Islam gives them. Atheists do not have a religious right to advocate slavery like Muslims do, men Atheists don’t have the religions right to beat their wives like Muslims do, and Atheists don’t have the religious right to execute someone who decides to change their religion from Islam like Muslims do.

when you grow up & you say ” I don’t believe in Allah” or “I don’t believe in heaven nor hell” but you still have you morals & ethics! I tell you “Moron, that’s what your parents taught you  was based on their religion”.

Real classy Crazyyetwise. Because someone has a different opinion they’re a moron?

As described above, changing your religion from Islam deems you to be executable, so it doesn’t even matter if someone converts to something “safer” or not.

As described above, we are animals.

Now to the “You don’t have a brain to think?,” part. You could easily say the same to any person of faith. Basically it’s an empty statement. Do your research and educate yourself.

What the FUDGE?! This is a silly story and it proves nothing in defense for religion. Unless you provide some statistics stop spewing fiction and using it to defend your point.

As far as pre-marital sex goes, it’s the choice for the two people who will conduct the sexual act. Religion does not stop the human urge for sexual relations. Furthermore, in Islam it is only a sin to have per-marital sex and is not forbidden. What’s the big deal? It’s just sex. Animals have sex all the time, regardless of religion. There are things preventing having a baby such as a condom or birth control pills, but that’s not taught to the teenagers of Kuwait. Instead they’re just told it’s wrong and are not educated about proper sex practices, including birth control.

Atheism is the disbelief that God exists. This does not mean they are rampant animals without any moral obligations. They are educated people that find no proof that a God exists. There is certainly no scientific proof a God exists and the three major monotheistic religions base their teachings completely on faith.

Now I could seriously be writing about this subject for pages and pages, but instead I ask of you to go out and read a book or two. Educate yourself and learn about these topics before blindly posting about them because you disagree with them. Here is a list of good books to read about the subject: http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/faq#RecommendedReading

And here’s a good list of videos to watch about the subject (for our younger, less attention span-y readers lol): http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/faq#RecommendedViewing

I’ll end with a question. How many of the readers of this blog are atheists? I’ve personally met 5 Kuwaiti atheists, but they dare not share their disbelief openly. You can post anonymously if you want and tell us about yourself and what made you go towards atheism.