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Bloggers Call to Arms. Seperate yourself from the shit! Join Kuwait Free Bloggers!

I’m sick of the bloggers posting their fake reviews and getting paid for it. But how do we combat this? How do we know which bloggers can be trusted? That’s why I’m going to kick start the Kuwait Free Bloggers club.

If you don’t get paid for tweets, taking instagram photos, or advertising products for a company through fake reviews, and instead post legitimate, unbiased and unpaid for ones instead, you’re entitled to join this club. All you have to do is grab this image and link it back to this page. Try to keep the image on your sidebar towards top so it’s easily seen. If you need a different size or even a newer and better design, please email me. I just threw this together in paint.

A list will be kept here of legitimate bloggers who meet the criteria of being in the Kuwait Free Bloggers club. If you do not find the bloggers name here at this page then consider them not legitimate. If you join in, email me to verify you wanting to join so I can list you here.

Kuwait Free Bloggers members:

Rules to join club:

1. You cannot be sponsored by or on a payroll of a company.

2. You cannot have ad spaces for sale.

3. You cannot be payed for doing a review

4. Google adsense is okay.

What are you waiting for? Let’s point people in the direction of the sites that deserve traffic and stop paying advertising blogs!