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My True Identity

Hello Kuwait Blogs Suck! readers,

When I started this blog I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to poke fun at local blogs so they can try to change their ways. Yes, it was silly and mean of me… but all I cared about was improving my nation’s blogs. I swear it was for good!

But things have changed. I somehow became nasty and unfair in my posts, and the emotional toll on me has been too great. I’ve been bullied, threatened, personally attacked, sent nasty emails, and people have attempted to reset my password on gmail and wordpress more than 30 times to try to stop me from continuing the blog.

I want to reveal to you my true identity because I feel I should. None of you Kuwait bloggers deserved this and I feel bad for posting about you. Kuwait blogs are actually really good, the best in the world even, and I’ve just been too harsh because I’m┬ájealous of all the fame and money they get.

Below is a link to my Facebook account where you will find my real name and a picture of me. All I ask of you is to take it easy on me. Please? This was all for fun.