My True Identity

Hello Kuwait Blogs Suck! readers,

When I started this blog I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to poke fun at local blogs so they can try to change their ways. Yes, it was silly and mean of me… but all I cared about was improving my nation’s blogs. I swear it was for good!

But things have changed. I somehow became nasty and unfair in my posts, and the emotional toll on me has been too great. I’ve been bullied, threatened, personally attacked, sent nasty emails, and people have attempted to reset my password on gmail and wordpress more than 30 times to try to stop me from continuing the blog.

I want to reveal to you my true identity because I feel I should. None of you Kuwait bloggers deserved this and I feel bad for posting about you. Kuwait blogs are actually really good, the best in the world even, and I’ve just been too harsh because I’m jealous of all the fame and money they get.

Below is a link to my Facebook account where you will find my real name and a picture of me. All I ask of you is to take it easy on me. Please? This was all for fun.



  1. انانموس

    You really think people would be THAT stupid to believe you would post your real identity? ;p I knew that link had nothing to do with your “Facebook account”, it would be pretty stupid to reveal who you are.

  2. alfalfa

    As it’s Rick’s bday and tomorrow is the anniversary of 911- why not take a break from Kuwait and have a 911 day? ( discussion- that would be interesting, seriously).

    • TweeZ

      A more serious discussion would be discussing Rick Roll’s man voice on a baby face. Is he REALLY singing the song or is it some kinda Milli Vinilli type shit? Now that’s a conpiracy well worth your while and something that could potentially benefit all of humanity.

  3. SS

    from your post i thought that someone ALREADY hacked into your account and wrote this post LOL
    it DOES sound like what a jealous blogger would like to hear you say LOL

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    Very funny! I didn’t think you would identify yourself though, nor do I want you to. I like the mystery of who is Kuwait Blogs Suck! But I think you are a woman because a few of the comments I have seen you make here and there. It doesn’t matter though. I love the blog.

  6. Just_Me

    i keep on falling in love with you more n more each day xD
    man you’re good ^w^ , but it was obvious that this was a prank :p

  7. zam


    “Commenting is a privilege not a right. I allow comments on the site because I believe that you can make a valuable contribution but in return I expect that you comment responsibly.”


  8. Q8PixelArt

    LMAO!!! Man, you’re always on, that’s what i love about you.. sadly you’ve been completely gone since 4th of June.. what happened? no reply from my tweet or my email to you. and no content/posts here on your blog..

  9. N

    Im having mixed feelings about what you’re doing, I’m not sure if I’m pro or against, I’m sort of in the middle

    Let’s see, (most) Kuwaiti blogs suck, we love kuwait we love everyone etc, bes c’mon let’s face reality! and I think everyone should up their games and stuff, but normal Kuwaiti readers don’t care or pay too much attention to details.
    as for the ad space there’s nothing wrong with the idea. Okay let’s think of things from another perspective, 300 per month is a lot of money for an ad space, bes companies wouldn’t care any less, because to them it’s a small price to pay comparing it to tv ads, and let’s not forget that many people will see the ads, personally if I had a blog I would rent ad spaces, but I wouldn’t be biased or a sell out, I’d stand out for my honesty and other good stuff that I’m nitm to think of.
    I don’t have anything against you or your movement, but I’m curious as to how you would know that it doesn’t cost as much, if not more of ad spaces outside of the country?
    and if you’re looking for a cause, I’d say attack these so called local designers who buy the basic fabric from el bloackat, make a silly dress and sell it for 75 or more?
    I’d support local talent, not a bunch of unoriginal narcissists
    So I guess in conclusion, I’m not against ad spaces but I am against plagiarizing, and the poor quality of our blogs, Bes on the other the hand the audience doesn’t seem to mind it so.. Idk..

    • Q8PixelArt

      I’m pro his movement, because i see it as more of an entertainment thing, and a push to improve blogs in kuwait, sure readers usually dont care about the bad things with the blogs, but that shouldn’t have an effect of their development, they should improve anyway they can regardless of who doesn’t like it and who doesn’t care about it..

      If my blog is popular enough, I’d DEFINITELY rent ad spaces.. if i rented just ONE ad space for 300 KD, that’s more income than what i get for being a university student.. and these blogs have several ad spaces.. that’s a LOT of money!
      imagine renting 1 for 300, 2 for 200, and 2 for 100.. thats 900 KD a month just for blogging.. as a student, to have a total of 1,100 KD, is HUUGE.. This is my perspective.. I’d be able to buy an epic car with my own money in just a few months! is it worth it to have ads on your blog? ofc! because mostly, most readers see ads everywhere that they’re used to ads, and even if they’re not, they’re there to read posts, they’re not gonna care for some ads..

      Am I right? or selfish?

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