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First World Problems with BananaQ8 And His Friends

When BananaQ8 isn’t busy getting fooled by fake falafel peanut butter stories, he’s posting about people dining at local fast food joints. Well.. more like bitching and moaning. He recently shared his friend “Sash”‘s story about his “horrible” experience at Cheesecake Factory which can only be interpreted as first world problems.

In this time span of almost 2 hours until the whole table got their orders, the ashtrays weren’t changed, the table wasn’t cleaned, and we used the same plates we used for our appetizers.

Awwwww. HOW CUTE <3. Poor little baby didn’t get his plate changed in between meals? What has this world come to! How dare they make me eat on the SAME plate! And I mean.. you could clean up your own table? Move the used plates to the side? Something?

My friend who got his order last missed his flight and had to catch a later one,

Alright.. that’s just dumb. His friend couldn’t have gotten up and left? You know there’s like a bajillion other restaurants at avenues where he could quickly grab something to eat. Cheesecake Factory’s food tastes the same as McDonald’s but only costs a shit ton more. He could’ve gotten a quick happy meal (love the toys). Instead, knowing that he would miss his flight if he had done so, he just sat there?

and I had to go take my car out of valet and find another parking spot because the valet was about to close.”

What in the hell are you talking about sunshine? I’ve been to Avenues and have NEVER heard of this before. And plus is it such a hassle to walk for less than a minute to get to the valet? Did your poor little toes hurt after the “2 hours” of sitting at Cheesecake Factory?

That was Sash’s experience, now I am definitely not going to try it. I have to wait, plus bad service? No way, it’s officially on my blacklist.

Yeah OKAY. That’s the sensible thing to do. Hey.. more cheesecake for me! I LOVE the Hershey’s chocolate cheesecake. What’s your favorite cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory?

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Do you honestly have nothing else to post about Frankom?

How dare you put that shitty processed cheese on top of your scrambled eggs?! And what’s with the fork? You’re going to scratch the pan! Ever heard of a wooden spoon?

No but seriously now, what is the point of this post? Frankom, are you honestly that bored to make a post showing us how to make scrambled eggs? And if anyone even wanted to make eggs, do you think they’d come to your blog to find out? A quick youtube search will find a video of Gordon Ramsay showing us how to make them and they look REALLY delicious compared to the icky cheese covered picture Frankom posted.

Granted, that image of the final plate does look tasty. Make me some eggs Frankom!

LOL!!! Inconsistent Spray Can Censorship by iLSuL6ana

Oh hey, iLSuL6ana posted a picture of Scarlett Johansson in a pretty dress. That’s real nice, but what’s the necklace she has on? Wait…. WHAT?!?!?.

LOL!!!!!! Look at that! Scarlett Johansson has some spray canned cleavage!

iLSuL6ana, I applaud you for using Microsoft Paint, my tool of choice, but why are you using it for this reason? Who made you your blog readers’ morality enforcer? I mean, just a simple Google search will find us lots of images of Scarlett Johansson’s incredible cleavage. Like this:

So what’s the point exactly of spray canning her boobs?

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that iLSuL6ana is inconsistent. Right on the same page is an image of a woman’s cleavage showing:

Lol. How can you even run a fashion blog when you’re going to be censoring things? From what I’ve seen on Fashion TV on OSN (my research for this post), lots of fashion designers pump up the cleavage, and some even make see through clothing and you can see the models’ breasts clearly.

What a chore it must be for you to spray can all these girls’ boobs, and it definitely is a hard chore because you’re inconsistent about it. I dislike censorship. You should consider discontinuing your inconsistent censorship iLSuL6ana.

Even a first grader has better English skills than Her from His&Hers

Someone stab my eyeballs out with a cattle prod.

The last time I saw so many grammatical mistakes was when I was in first grade and it was coming from a kid who was still sucking his thumb. When I was in first grade I was already whooping sixth graders asses.

I know what I’ll do. I’ll teach Her English! I’ll take time out of my knitting to teach Her some simple grammar rules of English! I’ll post a screenshot of all her mistakes and correct them! Here’s the first tip:

Her English Lesson #1: Sentences, and paragraphs, start with a CAPITAL letter.

Her English Lesson #2: Sentences end with a punctuation mark. + You didn’t even attempt to put a space in between why and that smiley face.

Her English Lesson #3: When the letter “I” is by itself, it must always, ALWAYS, be capitalized.

Her English Lesson #4: You can’t mix together a present and past tense in the same sentence. It’s confusing and grammatically INCORRECT.

For further reading on the topic I suggest to Her from His&Hers check out this reading material:

English Grammar For Dummies

We all know that you write and post in English because there are more English blog readers, which means you get more clicks on your ads and you make more $$$, but come on. You’re making yourself look so silly “trying” to write in English.

Remember Her… you got to go to class to be classy.

Crazyinkuwait’s Absolute Stupidity and Culturally Insensitive Selfishness


Oh what a good laugh. Check this comedian called crazyinkuwait out. She woke up one day to find that some people were going to slaughter a cow in front of her apartment building so she threw a fit about it and demanded the cow not be slaughtered. She even caused the cow suffering because just to shut up crazyinkuwait they hauled the cow into a truck which took more than 5 minutes and multiple attempts. She even filmed the whole ordeal but left out the audio because she’s a pansy and doesn’t want people to hear her voice.

I didn’t see a single thing that would count as “animal cruelty.” The cow looked like it was laying down and it looked like the people who we’re going to slaughter the cow we’re going to do it the halal way; by slicing it’s neck which would kill it instantly without any pain.

Ah, but crazyinkuwait explicitly says:

This is definitely not the halal way of killing an animal and they should be ashamed and punished for what they did. -crazyinkuwait

Well that’s certainly one way of proving you have no idea what halal is. Nothing under halal laws state anything about the location, which is why you got “upset” and selfishly wanted them to move the cow somewhere else in the first place. Admit it. You don’t know what halal means.

Since you don’t I’ll help you out. Halal is the action or way you prepare meat. There are no laws under halal that state an animal has to be slaughtered in a specified location. Do some reading and research crazyinkuwait. You know? Intelligence? Ever heard of it?

She even mentions to the people who wanted to kill the cow:

I told them in Arabic to take it somewhere else and kill it not in front of kids. -crazyinkuwait

First of all, beautiful grammar skills you got there kiddo, second, not in front of kids? Couldn’t you have asked your kids to go up to apartment flat and stay in their room or something? Have you tried telling them to look away? How exactly do you think meat ends up on your table lady?

In fact, if I had kids I would call them to watch so they can learn how an animal is slaughtered. It would be educational.

And then you say that they should be ashamed and punished for what they did? Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. If anything you should be the one “punished.” You obstructed their free right under Kuwait and Islamic law to slaughter an animal.

The only thing you accomplished is exerting your selfishness and showing how culturally insensitive you are. The only time the animal seemed like it was under any harm or distress is when the people we’re trying to load it into the truck which YOU made them do.

Good job keeping classy crazyinkuwait.